Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lavender Days

Saturday we were off to the lavender fields of Sequim, Washington.
I met the owner of Port Williams Lavender Farm a few weeks ago
and thought it would be fun to stop by his farm.
It was a beautiful day full of the scent of lavender.
There were all different shades in the field.
Dark lavender
Lighter colored lavender

Fiona, the fairy, traveled along to visit the lavender.
She found the sign for Provence and had hoped that if she blinked
her eyes she would be transported to the lavender fields
in Provence.
For me it was a research trip to find lavender honey for my website.
Michael, the farmer, also had explained to me how to infuse
lavender to use in jelly. He suggested steeping it like tea, then just adding the tea into whatever jelly or other food preparation. He felt putting the actual blossom heads into
food was not pleasant for eating and that a tea was easier to control the flavor.
A new jelly recipe is brewing in my head and soon I will need to take
the recipe and see if it is as good as I imagine.