Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Carriage House and Fairies

Yesterday I took some time off.
I don't often make it to holiday bazaars these days,
but The Carriage House is my exception.
While there, I had a lovely get acquainted visit with this lovely horse
and enjoyed walking around the grounds.

My delight was finding products made by two of my favorite local blogger friends.
Coleen of Coleen's Reflections had soulful fairies.
I could have brought the whole lot of them home and loved each one of them.
Cathy of Wives with Knives was also represented there with her
very delicious roasted almonds.  I can't stop eating her wonderful nuts.

Do you like attending holiday events?
What are you doing to prepare for the upcoming celebrations?


Adrienne said...

Oh, now I want to go to Carriage House!! I haven't been there for a few years but always get the invite. There is so much on my schedule right now - like tearing my WHOLE house apart and storing things in 1 or 2 rooms for new carpet in a few days. Heading to Camas Antiques with Miss B. tomorrow morning. Thanks for sharing Carriage House with us. Now I want to make it next time, for sure!

tea time and roses said...

Oh Marilyn how I would love to visit the Carriage House! I just want to bring all those little angels home.:o) Remember "attic babies", they so remind me of them!

Lovely post my friend! I want one of those little angels!!:o) Happy coming weekend to you dear friend.



Annie said...

Much to my surprise, Marilyn, we are hosting a holiday gathering this year on Dec. 16th. I mentioned to a friend that we lived just a couple of blocks from Christmas Tree Lane (the best go-to place in town for Christmas lights viewing) and the next thing I knew it was cookies, cocoa and caroling at our house. I can't wait.

♥ helen said...

the fairies are so cute :)

Coleen said...

awwwwww....thank you so much for your kinds words Marilyn...and my faeries thank you,too!!!

Heart Hugs,

Laurie said...

Marilyn I love horses, and adore fairies. I want to go here!
Decorating for the holidays is already underway in our family's homes. The holidays are a big thing for all of us, starting with Thanksgiving, through Christmas.

Jeanne said...

Everything you post is exquisite.
Much love to you and yours
Love Jeanne

Cathy said...

Hi Marilyn - I worked at The Carriage House yesterday and saw Coleens' beautiful fairies. I'm with you, I would like to bring every one of them home. The event is great this year and I got lots of great ideas for Christmas gifts.

Thanks so much for the link.

parTea lady said...

That looks like a great bazaar. I do like attending various holiday teas and parties. I've been looking through many books and mags and noting what recipes I'd like to use for the holidays.

Jeanie said...

I can see why you love attending this! I would, too!

I love holiday anything! My favorite is the Whimsical Whittler's open house -- I wrote about it last year; they do amazing wood carving and painting. And I'll be the first to rsvp for anyone's party! My preparations are to 1) get through my show 2) get decorations up over the TG weekend so the house is relatively decorated before book club arrives 3) co-host a party with a friend (at her house) two days after we get back from Rick's trade show and visiting relatives! 4) hosting our wine group on New Year's Day. And to prepare -- cooking ahead!

Angela McRae said...

Love the fairies! I am busy making lists and planning recipes ... and praying I don't get caught up in the hustle and bustle that can sometimes fill my holidays with anxiety! I am aiming for a more peaceful, calm season this year ...

Relyn said...

Nothing much yet. My daughter is sick so...