Thursday, November 18, 2010

Garden Delights

Portland has an amazing Community Garden program.
This garden is within walking distance of my home.
There was an old elementary school in the neighborhood that was not being used.
Two brothers bought it and turned it into a thriving business, which includes
restaurants, B&B, movie theater, and meeting rooms.
As part of the agreement with the neighborhood, they set aside a portion of the land
for a community garden.  The people that garden there take great pride in their garden plots.
One even has her name there, Dornal's Garden.

This week I enjoyed a book, Garden Voices by Carolyn Freas Rapp.
The book is short stories of other women gardeners and what their gardens have meant to them.
It is time to pass the book on to someone else.  Leave a comment on this post or email me
and I will include your name in a drawing to receive the book.
I will announce the winner on Monday.