Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I must admit
I have a secret to tell
I have a weakness
The truth is I love pastries.
It doesn't matter what kind,
I love them all.
I love baking them.
I love taking pictures of them.
I love smelling them.
And especially I love eating them.
Do you love pastries?
What is your favorite?
Is there something special you bake for the holidays?


Jeanne said...

Much love and many blessings
You spread sweetness and love all over the land

Keep your life simple. Have faith that your spiritual connection flourishes in a life dedicated to joy, love, and peace." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Love Jeanne

Steph said...

Homemade bread is my weakness, tho cookies and other sweets are close behind. ;-)

SE'LAH... said...

I love to bake...on Saturday mornings ;) Apple pie for the autumn but for the holidays, always black cake (a Caribbean rum cake that I must learn to bake).

now you've got me started ;) one love.

Jeanie said...

First of all, your banner rocks, as does this tremendous photo, which looks like it should be the cover of a cookbook!

Pastries -- cookies get me every time and I always make several kinds at the holidays and do my best to give them away. Powdered sugar "jingle balls," ginger cookies, shortbreads, and of course cut-out cookies, which we decorate on Christmas Eve. TOnight I'm making pralines for my book club -- "The Help -- and we're bringing southern!

koralee said...

You know me my friend...I have many many sweet teeth in my mouth!

My mommys shortbread and buttertarts really are my favourites..no one bakes like MOM!

Hugs. xoxoxo

La Tea Dah said...

Mmmm, Christmas baking --- I enjoy making stolen and St. Lucia's crown bread. AND Candy Cane sweet bread with cherries and nuts. In our family, Munlie Men and bon-bon cookies are also traditional --- although technically I guess cookies are not pastries...but isn't holiday baking fun?

Anonymous said...

I love pastries too--they are a weakness! Re: Christmas baking...I just brought home some of my mom's old cookbooks and have stocked my cabinets with a lot of pantry staples--all done in hopes of baking some Nordic cookies and maybe a Swedish tea ring!
PS: You have a beautiful sense of style! I appreciate your blog.

Laurie said...

I love pastries, pecan tarts are my all time favorite. Mmmmm. I think I'll make a stop at the pastry shop tomorrow, they have the best!

Christina said...

i love pastries. apple or cheese is my favorite.
i wish i would have know this info, when you came to visit. ahh, maybe next time. : )
have fun with your daughter.
love you!

Angela McRae said...

Mmm ... you suddenly have me craving something sweet and gooey and filled with cream cheese. I guess that would be my favorite! A chocolate-filled croissant would be a close runner-up!