Friday, November 12, 2010

Little Teapots for Grown Up People

Have you ever walked into an Asian shop and seen tiny little teapots and cups?
For many years when I saw them I thought they surely made a lot of children's
teapots and cup sets.  Little did I know.
These little sets are actually for grown ups.

When my husband traveled to China many years ago he said
everywhere he went people were carrying jars with tea floating in them.
They would continually add water to their tea throughout the day.

Well the same goes for these little teapots.
The tea is put into the pot loose, then steeped the appropriate time.
After steeping the tea it is poured into another pot, which is
called a serving pot.  Then the tea is served in the small cups.
A cup traditionally holds three sips.
The tea can be re-steeped up to six to seven times, depending
on the tea used.  Oolong teas work very well for re-steeping.
So if given the opportunity, I hope you can enjoy many cups of tea served from
little teapots and sipped from little cups.  It is a real pleasure.