Monday, November 22, 2010

Country Roads

Do you ever drive down a country road and
see a little farm stand sitting there?
I have often passed this farm stand, but had not stopped before.
A perfect autumn afternoon activity is
a drive in the country and a little farm stand.

This stand sat in front of a hazelnut farm.
What beauties they had inside.
Do you know hazelnuts? or maybe you call them filberts?

In France I was served a gorgeous salad with hazelnuts.
A friend sitting nearby wondered if they were garbanzos,
but she wasn't sure as they tasted different.
She grew up in another part of the US and had not seen them before.

After stopping there this past week, I am in love with this little stand.
Buying direct from the farm is such a treat.
Do you have any farm stands nearby?
What do they sell?
I do believe it is important to support our local farmers where ever you live.

Oh yes, I promised a book today.
The winner is Jeanne of Jeanne's Bliss Blog
The book will be sent this week.  Enjoy!