Monday, November 15, 2010

Gifts from the Garden

Gifts from the garden, each one of these.

The hollyhocks grew into beautiful, tall blooms of delight.
A gift from a blogging friend two years ago.
They remind me of her and her struggle with cancer.

The Provence pumpkins are a gift we gave ourselves as
we traveled through France.  I see the pumpkins now sitting
on my porch and I remember travels in that beautiful country.

This miniature geranium with it's soft fuzzy leaves is beginning
to grow on the counter in my kitchen window.
It reminds me of a dear friend and our delightful time
together last summer, sharing tea on her patio.

Do you collect gifts from the garden?
Do you share your garden with others?

I have many hollyhock seeds to share.
Let me know if you would like some and I will tuck them in an envelop just for you.
I probably cannot send them outside of the US.


Adrienne said...

Your garden gifts are wonderful! I would love to have some Hollyhock seeds. You can save them until I visit you at your home soon, if you'd like. If you want to move them on sooner, you can mail them to me. They will be a sweet reminder of the times you and I share together.

Laurie said...

We always had hollyhocks growing in my mother little flower bed outside the back door. They're such pretty flowers. I'd love some of your seeds Marilyn. What a special keepsake!

Tracy said...

Oh, so lovely! I've dreamed of having hollyhocks a long time...I hope to plant some next summer. Our kitty Charlie has a tendency to lay around and snooze in all the flower bed--sometimes things just don't come back. LOL! Not much at all blooming here just now, and the last leaves have fallen...winter soon arrives. :o) Happy Week, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Relyn said...

Oh, I do love flowers. And I love the idea of a garden. But gardening? No. Not really.

Jeanie said...

Your garden indeed has brought gifts. My gifts include beautiful hostas given to me by friends no longer with us -- and by friends who are very much alive indeed! My black-eyed Susans, also a gift. And each year, I plant the annuals that remind me most of my mom. The bleeding heart -- a new addition but feeding an enduring memory of those my grandmother grew. And yes, anyone who wants anything from my garden is welcome to enjoy!