Monday, November 8, 2010

Slay dragons?

A while back Relyn on come sit by my fire asked,
What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

What dragons would you slay?
What are your heart's longings?

Here are some things that are on my list:

sky diving
travel to exotic places
speak to women's groups
photography like a professional
sing and dance
write a book

What would be on your list?


Steph said...

I know where that photo spot is! ;-)

I would slay work worries. Maybe worry in general - "be done with worry" as another friend says.

Adrienne said...

I share some of your list, my friend. I would do professional photography, write a book, perform music in special places, fly my own airplane (which I don't have!) to places unknown, travel without end, speak numerous languages and sing and play professionally. To name a few!

Jeanne said...

Delightful list I will have to think on mine
Love you

Caroline said...

Love your list! I too would love to speak at women's groups.

And I have to let you in a already photograph like a professional!!!

beth said...

well you made it to wisconsin this year so you can cross traveling to exotic places off your list...LOL

i think my answer would be dance professionally....of course anything regarding photography is at the top of the maybe photographing a celebrity's child is first and foremost :)

yes, that would be most perfect.

Mary said...

1. I would definitely love to write and publish a book, probably about my travels.
2. Play the piano.
3. Speak both French and Italian fluently - my favorite countries where I want to converse effortlessly with the natives.
4. Bake artisan breads.
5. Dance the tango.........

.............and so many more things but at my age most of them will never happen, lol!!!

Thanks for asking - love your list - and that dragon photo looks very professional to me!

Hugs - Mary

Tracy said...

Beautiful list, Marilyn! This topic is very much on my mind as I travel some new and re-discover creative pathways. Write a book of poetry, paint canvases fearlessly, dance, take that bodhisattva vow... It's good to dream, and try to make them come true. Happy Day ((HUGS)) P.S. Let us know when you've done that sky diving! ;o)

Cathy said...

You've got me thinking, Marilyn. Taking pictures like a professional is certainly at the top of my list. I have to think about this.

Is the dragon in Chinatown? I think I've seen it but can't remember where.

Jeanie said...

I'd tap dance, be a Muppeteer, write a book, open a restaurant, write a cookbook (not to be confused with the other book!), have my own cooking show on TV, paint the walls in my house something bold, learn a language fluently (probably French)... actually, I could probably do all those things if I wanted to enough -- except maybe have the tv show and be a muppeteer!)

Angela McRae said...

Oh, fun question! I'd ... start my own magazine, write a novel, open a tearoom/thrift shop, learn to play the harp ... and that's just the first week!

Relyn said...

You should MOST DEFINITELY sky dive. It's absolutely incredible! I seem to be having trouble blogging every day and visiting all my friends. Still, I did want to come and say hello. Happy end of fall, my friend. Thank you for the mention.