Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Gift of Tea
Blogging friends are the very best.
Recently my friend, koralee, of bluebird notes
mentioned her love of David's Tea and especially
of Red Velvet Cake black tea.
I left a comment about how intriguing this sounded
and soon a gift of tea came knocking on my door.
Thank you so much, koralee!

Now as I have said before I usually drink unflavored teas,
but just opening up these three bags the scent was intoxicating.
The teas were beautiful and smelled good too, but
I wondered how they tasted.
There were three to taste and they did delight.
Red Velvet Cake was like sipping bites of this wonderful dessert,
but without the calories.  It is a black tea with little pieces of
semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate.  Yummmm!
Pumpkin Chai, oh my the scent was like a cup full of Autumn.
It is also a black tea with all the spices of Autumn and caramel too.
This was probably my favorite of the three.
Banana Nut Bread was a total fruit infusion with pretty slices of
dried banana, almonds, dates, and currants.
Each was quite wonderful and I could have sat sipping them all day.

David's Tea is a Canadian company, but easy to order online


Laurie said...

They all sound so good Marilyn, I'll have to look at the site. All three sound awesome, I think all are on my list!
Yes, blog friends are the greatest aren't they!?

Tracy said...

Red Velvet Cake tea??!! Oh, that is new to me... and I must go find out about it, as that's one of my fav desserts! ;o) What a sweet gift... So glad you shared, Marilyn. Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

What a fun and wonderful surprise! And how nice to discover something new. Makes me smile!

Christy said...

I will have to try the Red Velvet Cake Tea sound delicious.

Lil Bit Brit
aka Teatime Musing

Pearl Maple said...

Oh yum you are teasing us, red velvet and pumpkins sounds and smells like all the deligths of the season.

koralee said...

So glad you enjoyed them all my friend....i am sipping the pumpkin chai right really is my favourite. Hugs and love.

Angela McRae said...

Red Velvet Cake in a tea? Oh, I'm so there!