Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Gift of Tea
Blogging friends are the very best.
Recently my friend, koralee, of bluebird notes
mentioned her love of David's Tea and especially
of Red Velvet Cake black tea.
I left a comment about how intriguing this sounded
and soon a gift of tea came knocking on my door.
Thank you so much, koralee!

Now as I have said before I usually drink unflavored teas,
but just opening up these three bags the scent was intoxicating.
The teas were beautiful and smelled good too, but
I wondered how they tasted.
There were three to taste and they did delight.
Red Velvet Cake was like sipping bites of this wonderful dessert,
but without the calories.  It is a black tea with little pieces of
semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate.  Yummmm!
Pumpkin Chai, oh my the scent was like a cup full of Autumn.
It is also a black tea with all the spices of Autumn and caramel too.
This was probably my favorite of the three.
Banana Nut Bread was a total fruit infusion with pretty slices of
dried banana, almonds, dates, and currants.
Each was quite wonderful and I could have sat sipping them all day.

David's Tea is a Canadian company, but easy to order online