Thursday, October 25, 2012

Richard Brandt, Ceramic Artist

One of the speakers at the NW Tea Festival this year was Richard Brandt, a ceramic artist.
He shared the history of the tea bowl, including the story of the clay and firing that goes into making a beautiful bowl.  It is a journey that he is traveling, one of learning and sharing the story of the containers that serve tea.  He told of being served tea in a beautiful tea bowl and becoming enchanted.
To learn more of the history visit this sight:

In a tea ceremony I was honored to sit in at the World Tea Expo a few years ago,
 I was served in a tea bowl that was over 100 years old.
 The feel of the history of that bowl just felt so comfortable in my hands.
To hold a bowl made by an artist feels as if you become a part of that piece of clay.
The teaware by Richard Brandt just had that feel in the hands when holding a piece of his artwork.