Wednesday, October 17, 2012


In celebration of my new grandson and having his other grandparents here to visit him,
it was decided we would have the first tea party with grandson in attendance.
Though he slept through most of tea time, it certainly was a celebration of his life.
Circled around the table were his family of grandparents, uncle, mama, and papa.
It was a special time of shared stories between sips of tea and goodies.
There was sandwiches of salmon cream cheese, egg salad, and cucumber,
then sausage rolls and scones.  The last jar of Marmalady's Orange Marmalade
was served, as you know it was a celebration here.
For those with a sweet tooth there was English Madeleine's and Lemon Bars too.
Tea was served and only the best would do.
Yunnan Gold went well with the savories
and Alishan Oolong was just right for the sweets.

Now this is how I love to celebrate this new life.
Do you celebrate with tea?
How do you like to celebrate?