Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Embracing Pink

Whether it is pink teacups or pink in nature,
Pink is endearing itself to me.

As a little girl we were told pink was for girls;
so of course my favorite color became yellow.

Just yesterday at the market check out
I had this discussion with the woman ringing up my purchases.
She also said blue was her favorite color because
of course we wouldn't pick pink.

My mother always looked so good in pink,
so then that was for the older generation too
and no way was I going to wear pink.

Funny how pink has gradually crept into my life.
It is very subtle, it just shows up.
So I am embracing pink into my life. 

How do you feel about pink?


Anonymous said...

People tell me I look good in pink, so of course I have to like it.

Ginger said...

I like pink. More bright than baby pink.

Jeanie said...

I like warm pinks a lot -- never was good with the really pale ones. But hot pink or a rich, rose pink are both colors I love!

Lorrie said...

My mother always told me I looked best in pink (and I probably do), but I preferred (and still do) blue. Pink was "out" for so many years, but seems to be making a come back. It's my mother's favorite color and it's growing on me, too.

Joy said...

I love pink! While blue is my favorite color, pink is a close second. Actually, I'd agree with my 4-year-old granddaughter who says her favorite color is "pink and purple and blue and aqua"!

Madelief said...

Such sweet looking teacups Marilyn! Pink is one of my favourite colours too, but the one I like best is blue.

Have a lovely weekend ahead!

Madelief x

Mary said...

Yes, pink is back in fashion - but I can't wear it!

Love it for china such as your cups and saucers - and you know pink and yellow actually look beautiful together - think of the Peace rose.

Mary x

simply bev said...

I lean towards blues, greens and purples. I remember my great grandmother wearing a lot of pink though!

The Victorian Girl said...

I always wanted to wear pale pink, but there was too much red tones in my skin and it didn't look good on me. I admired those who could wear it. So my favorite color was blue and now red. Now with all the different shades of pink, I find I can wear the brighter ones. And I just love PINK! Especially things with pink roses on them. I've also used a lot of a deep rose color in decorating--it just looks so Victorian!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Looks like a beautiful place to visit. Loved the signs.