Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Come Down to the Sea

Come down to the sea
Wander with me
Sit a spell
Dip in your toes
Dance in the sunlight
Run from the waves
 Do we dive in embracing the day?
Surrounding ourselves with the foam of the wave
Walk along with me
See what you see
For no other day is like today
Savor and Delight in it


Joy said...

How lovely! The sea is indeed on my mind today, but in a different way, as my son and my brother both live in the projected landfall area of Tropical Storm Hermine, my son only a couple of blocks from the sea. Hopefully it will pass over them quickly with no damage, and tomorrow the sea will be back to its normal, calming self!

Adrienne said...

I love the sea! A much-needed break last week found my sweetheart and me heading for a day beside the sea. How my heart longed to stay but any day by the sea is a treat for me!