Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer Daze

 Summer daze include catching and kissing frogs,
 sharing secrets,
 riding fast over the hills,
 tire swings and friends newly made,
 swimming in the pond,
 flying through the air,
 landing in the pond,
 fishing and canoeing,
 time alone,
and climbing a tree!

Summer daze are made of these things and more.
Getting to know cousins you haven't met before
delights our heart.

Part of what is so special about a family reunion.


Rosemary said...

You have captured the exuberance of youth! Summer daze indeed!

Lorrie said...

A beautiful tribute to family gatherings, cousins, and summer joys!

Mary said...

That looked like such fun - kids need this to build lovely memories for the future.
Oh to be a kid again - summer days with cousins and friends such as this are what I miss so much, but thankfully can still recall vividly with a little prompting!

Lovely Marilyn - thanks for sharing.

Jeanie said...

Having recently come off a reunion, I know all too well how glorious it is to connect. The photos are wonderful -- you can tell what a grand time it was by the smiles on the faces.

Joy said...

Such great summer fun! Enjoy the cousins and the summer days.

Angela McRae said...

With the exception of kissing the frogs, I think this all sounds like summertime perfection!