Friday, August 19, 2016

Storing Tea

 How do you store your tea supply?
For a long time mine was on a shelf in the cupboard,
but as it overflowed things would fall to the floor when
the door was opened.
Finally I realized I needed a solution.
This basket works quite well and each time I need
tea I love digging there to find just the right tea for the day.
Loose teabags are in the small basket up above
and larger quantities are in the large basket.
This morning I picked a black tea from that small tin on top.
It came from Betty's, the tearoom in York, England.
Tomorrow I might pick a Darjeeling from Thunderbolt Tea
or a tea from Steven Smith, but then I can see Teavivre represented there too.
The gold bag at the back is one I haven't opened.
It is about 30 years and aging in my basket while it waits for just
the right time to open it. 
Oh what fun to have a tea supply of just the right tea for a certain day.

How do you store your tea?
Do you pick your tea for the day according to your mood or the weather?

PS - on a side note, all the binders and folders on the bottom shelf are
recipes torn from magazines and newspapers or shared by friends
over the years.  Yes, there are many tea related recipes right there in
those binders.

Happy weekend, dear friends!


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I store my tea in a huge tupperware lidded box and keep it on the bottom shelf of my pantry. I am "tea moody" and definately choose one each day for the day itself (time of year, time of day, eating with it or not, ect.)

WOW to your binders - holy moley you have so many special articles and things in them to fill them up like that. I would love to just sit and sip with you and peruse those articles and the like. How nice you have done that these years!

Have a wonderful weekend. : - )

Have a teacup giveaway going on till end of the month.

Deb said...

This is a cute idea. It's always nice to see everything easily when making your choice. I have a tiny, vintage tea cupboard. Deb

Linda P said...

As I write my husband is making our early morning cup of tea. We have a kitchen cupboard dedicated to beverages that are stored in special tins, but as for our tea supply it's mainly breakfast tea, our choice at the moment being Yorkshire Tea. We take a good supply with us when we go to Italy and keep the tea in a tin which celebrates the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's silver wedding anniversary, which I now
love since it's almost vintage! I like your idea for
storing your teas and recipes. Thank you so much for
your kind thoughts and prayers, messages left on my blog. I feel positive that I'm on the way to recovery. Love to you and your husband.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

My tea storage is a mess, and I admit it. First of all, I have tea to drink, I have teas I purchased a souvenirs, and I have tea I received as gifts which I can not drink because of being allergic to some of the ingredients. Tea on shelves, tea in drawers and tea in decorative tins.