Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sidewalk Farming

 On the weekend I went for a short walk in my neighborhood, only 8 blocks.
I quickly took note of all the produce being grown along the sidewalk.
There were pears.
 There were apples.
 Then there were more pears.
 And plenty of tomatoes all along the way.
 There was even persimmons.
 And more apples too!
 The neighborhood where I live has alleys down the middle of each block.
This is the alley behind my house.
Mostly people walk, but occasionally a car or pickup passes by.
Behind my house I found figs.
 And grapes too.
Usually you can also find plums and berries.

It truly amazes me the amount of produce just growing
along walking avenues in the city.
Do you find produce growing in your neighborhood where you walk?
What a treat!!
I love summer for just this abundance of agriculture.


Lorrie said...

There are many abandoned apple trees along trails and streets in our town, and we keep our eye on a few of them for later harvesting. And then there's the blackberries - growing in great tangles in corners of parks. In the yards, too, there's a lot growing these days - it's a wonderful sight to see.

Mary said...

How beautiful to see so many fruiting and edible things along a walk in your neighborhood Marilyn.
I do recall how everyone seemed to be growing something wherever there was a spot of ground.

Hope you enjoy your new linen! I could never go back to percale!

Laura M said...


Summer said...

The quote about agriculture speaks real truth ♥


Jeanie said...

Very cool, Marilyn! Had you been walking in our hood, you would have seen Rick's too!