Friday, August 12, 2016

Sun Tea or Cold Brew?

 When it is hot outdoors and only iced tea will do, how do you make it?

For many years I only made sun tea,
then I found out bacteria grows in the tea while in the sun steeping away.
Exploring and hearing of cold brew I decided to give it a try.
All you have to do is find some tea to brew.
This is actually when I like teabags and often use Red Rose tea.
Fill a jar or pitcher with cold water.
I use a gallon jar.
Add enough tea to get the strength you like.
I use about 8 teabags for the gallon of water.
Put the tea in the jar with the water
and set in the refrigerator overnight.
In the morning you will have a container full of tea ready for a new day of sipping.
 It is soooooo very easy and so delicious!
A sprig of lemon verbena added to the glass makes it even prettier
and gives a nice hint of lemon.

Stay cool dear friends and happy weekend!


Bernideen said...

This iced tea looks delicious Marilyn. I am considering serving only iced tea at my birthday tea in my basement. We still have to put a sink in first as I don't want to carry dishes upstairs. Your flowers are really wonderful and that sunflower - wow! Green thumbs for sure! Thanks for sharing this beauty.

Jeanie said...

Those sunflowers make me sing! It's been steamy here. Iced tea sounds awfully good!

Rosemary said...

Your iced tea photos are very refreshing on this sweltering hot day! We used to make sun tea, until we heard about the potential for bacterial growth. Like you, we have switched to making overnight cold brew. It is a lighter, more delicate iced tea, but enjoyable, and certainly helps to keep the kitchen cool!

Margie said...

I also like to cold brew my tea. I always use caffeine-free teas so I never have to worry about the tea getting bitter.

Joy said...

Your goblet of iced tea looks so inviting! I have not tried cold brewing yet but I need to try it. I usually brew a cup of tea (at work)in an insulated tumbler, then add ice to fill it. I will try the cold brew method next weekend at home!

Adrienne said...

Finding a few posts that have been missed somehow. Life has been crazy busy and this one slipped right through the pages of the calendar. Cold brew tea is my choice. Gentle flavor and ice cold.