Monday, August 15, 2016

Notes from the Garden

Gardens of all kinds just touch my heart with peace.
They are a time to reflect and dream.
A time shared alone or with someone special.

In this garden there was structure, but opportunity to flower
and go a bit wild too.
Do you find places of rest to dream and go a bit wild too?


Lorrie said...

Beautiful photos of Kensington Palace Gardens - it's so much fun to recognize a place far away! It's good to have a balance of serenity and wildness.

Laura M said...

Gardens are magic!

Rosemary said...

My memories of a long-ago visit to Kensington Palace are so sweet. I remember spotting a Victorian tussie-mussie holder in one of the display cases in a palace bedroom. My mother had a collection of these special Victorian nosegay holders, and it was special to see that they had one. The visit also included the opportunity to enjoy tea and a treat in the Orangerie. Delightful!

Jeanie said...

Oh Marilyn, I stayed across from K-Pal when I was in England with my mom in 1973 and it was the first place I visited. How I love seeing this beautiful garden!