Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Agarwood Tea

When I was a young girl my mother had a friend that collected
Asian antiques.  How I loved visiting her and just taking in the sights
of drapey kimonos and black lacquer furniture.
A friend recently gifted me enough Agarwood tea to
have in one gaiwan this morning.
After the first steeping I inhaled the fragrance
and tears came to my eyes as I remembered this scent 
from the incense my mother's friend burned in her apartment.
The scent is so distinct, a woody, tropical, fruity fragrance.

Looking up in wikipedia I found that Agarwood is the most expensive
wood in the world.  It has health benefits for relaxing muscle tissue
and relieving muscle cramps.

has developed a 2013 limited edition tea
that is for the tea connoisseur. 
It is a blend of Agarwood from Vietnam
and ripe Puerh from ancient trees in Yunnan, China.

The flavor is quite wonderful and the texture so smooth.
It is a real treat to have this sample to taste.
If you are a avid tea collector you can add this to your
collection for $500 for 120 grams (4.23 ounces).

Thanks, Geoff, for the taste of delightful memories.
You can find Geoffrey's blog posts at http://steepstories.com


martea said...

Thanks for sharing about a tea I had not been aware of before. It's fun to learn about teas that are different. I'm happy that you enjoyed your sample.

Joy said...

Isn't it lovely when a scent evokes a memory of a special person? I'm glad you enjoyed this tea.

Jeanie said...

A tad out of my budget but it must be quite beautiful. And what memories of your mom's collection.