Thursday, September 15, 2016

If Wishes could come True

How fun to find a Wishing Tree right in my very own neighborhood.
If you found a wishing tree 
and you knew your wish could come true,
What would your wish be hanging there?

Would it be for world peace?
Or to become a mermaid?

I always dreamed and wished to fly like a bird,
my grandson said just yesterday he would wish to be 
a super hero and fly.

Tell me dear friends, what would your wish be?


Jeanie said...

This is so cool. Who does this? Just a neighbor? I need to look at the photo again -- is there pen and paper nearby? A very clever idea! I might have to think about that for up north next year!

I'd wish to go back to Europe again (because somehow wishing for world peace seems so out of the realm of possibility. I have a few election wishes, too...)

Beatrice Euphemie said...

This is so wonderful! I wish I had a magic wand! :) x

Laura M said...

What a lovely idea! Health and happiness for me!

Laura M said...

Yes with wishes I always think of Gnie in Aladdin saying big wishes that affect the whole world can't work, or something like that. Guess you can't affect that much free will permanently

Rosemary said...

Oh, this is fun! Our wishing tree with pink and white ribbons flowing in the breeze is laden with wishes made during the fairy festival. I would wish for peace.