Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Three Delicious Teas

How I love tasting different teas, but have not ever been good at telling you 
what it is that I exactly am tasting.  I can tell you what I like though.
I have three oolong teas before me from Floating Leaves Tea;
so decided to taste them side by side.
First off I can definitely see the difference in color.
When I opened the bags and sniffed I could tell there was a difference.
The Farmer's Choice had the strongest floral scent of the three.
After steeping each of the teas suddenly the fragrance of the Competition Grade
enticed me most with it's sweet, floral scent.
The Aged Baozhong had a more light burnt flavor, slightly toasty.
I did resteep it and enjoyed it with my breakfast.
Farmer's Choice has often been a favorite of mine,
but after comparing side by side I thought the Competition Grade
had a bit more rich, sweetness in my humble opinion.

All that said and done, I really would be happy with all three.
Oh, Floating Leaves Tea, you make it so hard to choose when you
pick totally wonderful oolongs from Taiwan for me to taste.

All three were full leaf teas and delicious!

Definitely visit Floating Leaves Tea website and enjoy one or more 
of these special teas soon.  Just perfect for the transition from summer into autumn.


bobbi said...

I'm a heavy, heavy tea drinker, but in summer I find it difficult to drink hot beverages and I don't like iced tea that much. So I've been drinking all summer a blend of red fruits that it's refreshing and wonderfully scented. It's made by the girls who runs the local tea shop, and since it's still very hot here, I think It will be a little while until I'll drink hot tea again...

Rosemary said...

Very nice tasting notes - love the comparison and contrast between the three oolongs. Interesting.

Jeanie said...

I feel that way about the wine posts I do! And yes, you know what you like -- and liking all three is a very good thing!