Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wow Times!

The sliver of a crescent moon shining through the trees.
The fragrance of a new tea freshly poured for me.
The small hands that touch me with hugs and say
"I love you, Mimi"
The wind while walking on a sandy beach and
listening to the crashing waves.
The whale that lifts it's head and peers back at me.
The hummingbird that stops by for a sip
outside my breakfast window.
The softness of the spring sunshine caressing my skin.
The laughter of children.
Nature astounds me.
All growing things delight me.

What "Wow Times" do you find that delight you?


Rosemary said...

Your list is pretty comprehensive! Sharing all your 'wow' times, including 'nature astounds me'. Watching a praying mantis cocoon hatch, that is astounding to me!

Jeanie said...

Pure joy, Marilyn. And a Joey sighting, too! What gives me wow? Lizzie's purr -- loudest ever. Seeing Rick in one piece after a bike ride. Changing trees. The perfect lake sunset. An egret or Harry at the ditch. Too many things to list!

Laura M said...

Those are wonderful!