Friday, September 16, 2016

Searching for the Light

 Searching for the light.
 Recently I began taking a photography class online.
One of the first things always mentioned is to pay attention to the light.
 Is it the natural light of morning time with my tea?

 Mid-day shining in my window.
 Early evening.
Or when the sun goes down.

The light shines for us in many ways
and in different seasons.
Summer light is so strong.
 Autumn finds the light diminishing.
Winter light is a treasure to search for sure.
Spring light we delight for the day begins to lengthen.
Always I must search for the light
through my lens,
but in my soul.

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Take time to search and find the light of each day.


Bernideen Canfield said...

Wow - amazing all the differences with light! I need to take a class too. I need to do a lot of things - ha!

Sharon67 said...

Don't forget the lunar eclipse light tonight. We may not see much of it since it was at 7:30 east coast time, but there still may be some great moments to catch and hopefully photograph. I'll think of you as I am trying to find that harvest moon in awhile!

June Baruah said...

Even a crack of light is enough to dispel the fear of darkness. Nice thoughts and words.

Linda P said...

The first photo of that sweet little boy looking at things with the magnifying is special. You're encouraging him to be observant and to have a sense of wonder. Lovely photo compositions and thoughtful words dear friend.

Laura M said...


Jeanie said...

Love the tall vertical of the nest. Great shadows.

No light for us today -- raining one of those long, deep soakers. We need it and good excuse for inside stuff!

ruthie staley said...

no light my way , we are covered in clouds, I am in Eugene Ore, a great day to enjoy a hot cup of tea, I found a tea farm right here in Salem Ore , are you familiar with Minto Tea Company? I hope you are you could do a tea tasting , I would love to know what you think