Thursday, September 1, 2016

End of Summer Delight

 The last of the summer season has arrived in my home.
A bouquet so bountiful and delicious!
Oh the colors do delight.
No fragrance can I tell.
 I am enjoying the last of the summers gifts from the garden.
 Oh but someone else is enjoying too.
Joey is intrigued.
 Do they say, curiosity killed the cat.
Or does a large bouquet from the garden just delight.
What is this monstrosity he asks?
Where did it come from?
I was napping and when I awoke, there it was!
What is a kitty to do?
He sniffs, he gets up on the table to get closer,
and he seems to enjoy.

Happy September friends!
Soon, very soon Autumn will arrive.
I can feel it in the air.
I can see it in the leaves beginning to fall.
Enjoy and Savor the end of summer and beginning of Autumn.


Summer said...

That cat is cute! Love your flowers too ♥

Jeanie said...

Hi Joey! Your buddy Gypsy used to be a terror around anything in a vase, happily pulling the blooms out and leaving them wherever they happened to land. He didn't seem to eat them, just play with them! So, you mind your Ps and Qs because your mom has some beautiful flowers there and she'd like them to stick around for a day or two!

Sylvia said...

Oh yes, I have a nosey cat too! Fall is a favorite time of year for me too, so ready to welcome it.

Mary said...

Glad you managed to cut some hydrangeas to dry - you will enjoy them through the winter months.
Joey is adorable and, like all cats, inquisitive of course.

Busy days here as we have much to organize before leaving!
It might even be good to actually be 'imprisoned' on those darn planes for hours where nobody needs my help with something or other, and I can just sip on those little bottles and pray to fall asleep!

Mary x