Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Chinese New Year's celebration with Tea

Shiuwen from Floating Leaves
in Seattle travels to Portland twice a year to
share tea with the WuWo Tea Ceremony group I belong to.
She entertains us with her stories,
she pours tea for us,
and we laugh and share food together.

Shiuwen and David of PDX Tea poured together
with the gathering on Sunday.

Just a little of the spent tea in the above bowl.
We tasted 8 different teas and
each and everyone of them was delicious.
The tea comes in all shades of lovely.
Now sipping in my cup at home is a delicious Dong Ding Traditional,
which is a bit heavier and less floral, more roasty than the floral oolongs I usually purchase.
Shiuwen had some fun stories of the Dong Ding tea master.
She said, I think I almost met the tea master too late.
She is hoping to film him later this year to preserve some of his story.
One of the guests brought her collection of small yiqing teapots to share with us.
My contribution to the food table was a cherry mochi.
It was my first time making cherry mochi and I did like it.
Tea in my cup and a cherry in my mochi, almost feels like a Valentine in my hand.
This was a celebration of Chinese New Year, but the celebration continues into the
month with Valentines coming soon.


Jeanie said...

How fun to have such a special and knowledgeable guest! It looks beautiful and like a wonderful experience. Is that the mochi you made?

Rosemary said...

Such a very special gathering!

Tracy said...

Sooo lovely... those cheery cheery mochi are so sweet. And the roasty, smoky oolong sounds very interesting. I usually prefer a floral oolong too. But if it's tea, I'll try anything! ;) Thanks for taking us along, Marilyn... ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

And the sliced mochi in that last photo looks like it has a heart inside, doesn't it!