Monday, February 27, 2017

Walk with Me - A Walk in a Park

 Wilshire Park is a favorite place to walk, run, and walk a dog.
 Stopping here on the way to somewhere else on Saturday morning,
I was searching for a little solitude.
What I found were thousands of soft purple crocus growing there.
They were closed, but I could imagine them opened to the sun.

 So on my way home later in the afternoon I noticed the sun was shining.
I stopped once again for another walk in the park.
 Oh so beautiful, shining in the sun.
Some were a bit bedraggled, but they all were trying
to shine.

 Oh I loved the hope of springtime
and a little sunshine too.

A lovely trail and a walk in the park delighted my soul.

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Kate said...

A blanket of flowers! How lovely after all of the snow and cold weather you have been experiencing. I love when the spring wildflowers arrive...I am still waiting...

Tracy said...

You already have spring happening there... and crocus blooms in your park... how beautiful! What a spirit-lifter this is to see this morning! :) Happy Week, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Sylvia said...

Thanks for the 'walk in the park'. It was lovely.

Linda P said...

It must have been a joy to walk along that tree lined trail in the park and come across the crocuses. Patches of these Spring flowers are out in our local park where I walked today.

Jeanie said...

Look at those fabulous crocuses! That flower reminds me of a friend who died long ago and would plant them any where! I call them little Kyles. That just would make my heart sing.

Mary said...

Nature's amazingly gorgeous 'carpet' - how fortunate you were there to enjoy.

Mary x