Monday, February 20, 2017

Walk with Me - My Neighborhood Murals

What can I say.
Just a one mile walk from where I live is Alberta Street.
There are murals on many of the buildings.
Though I am showing alot, there are many I haven't shown you.
Just enjoy as we walk along.
There are many pictures, but few words today.

Tourist are often seen photographing sights along this street.

I hope you enjoyed the walk down Albert Street.
If you are ever in the neighborhood, ENJOY!
There are many good restaurants along this street too.
This one almost always has a line.
I have been to the Pine Street once and the chicken sandwich was good;
but so many choices from Indian to Fried Chicken and Spanish tapas too.

Come by for a visit and I will walk with you.


Joy said...

What fun! I like murals, and enjoyed seeing these.

Laura M said...

It's great to have so many murals!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

The Street art is eye-catching and can make an uninteresting wall or building a piece of art for all to enjoy!
What a wonderful attraction for locals and visitors too!
Lovely to have a catch up Marilyn - I'm off to read your other posts!
Shane x

Jeanie said...

I wonder if Greg saw these when he was in Portland a few years ago? They're really striking and really quite different styles. I can see why walking by them would be fun but I fear it would really slow me down with so much eye candy!

Linda P said...

The murals are very colourful and brighten up the neighbourhood where you walked. Wishing you a good week Marilyn.

Tracy said...

WOW... stunningly beautiful street art where you live, Marilyn! A real joy to see! And a stop for a chicken sandwich sounds good too! ;) VERY much enjoying your neighborhood walks! ((HUGS))