Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring Fever

 Has spring fever hit you yet?
Or the dreams of the changing of the seasons,
tickled your fancy so to speak?
 Are you needing more color to touch your heart?
 It certainly hit me with a vengeance this week.
Oh how I am craving color and flowers.
 So there has a visit to pictures from last spring to remind
me that spring will indeed come again.
 There has been a visit to the market for cut flowers.
 And a visit to the nursery to buy a couple plants.
Now my house smells strongly of lemon blossoms
from the meyer lemon tree waiting to go in the garden.
 The crocus are beginning to bloom.
The camellias are covered with buds,
the daphne too.
The grape hyacinths is showing it's greenery.
And the daffodils have buds, but too afraid to open to the cold.
Soon, oh very soon, the sun will shine again and the flowers will burst forth.
I can't wait!!!!!    Can you?
Then the celebration of Easter can't be far behind 
the blooming of flowers in the garden. 

Happy weekend, dear friends!


Linda Jennings said...

We are having very unusually warm February temperatures. All the spring flowers and trees are blooming in this part of Kentucky. February is when we have our most snow. Your photos are beautiful!

Jeanie said...

I just love springtime decorating -- bunnies and nests and all my favorite flowers in all my favorite colors! Yes, it's coming! I promise.

Laurie said...

Our spring like weather ended last night, after several days of wonderful temperatures. I'm so looking forward to the blossoms and leaves again! Beautiful photos Marilyn!

Joy said...

Lovely photos - the daffodils are blooming here, they're like little bursts of sunshine.

Tracy said...

*BIG SWOON*... this post really gets my heart going, Marilyn! Such gorgeous bloom portraits! I'm itching for flowers and green things growing. It's been a VERY strange winter here, especially in that we've had hardly any lasting accumulation of snow, which we usually have. It's snowed, but it hasn't stuck around. Normally about now, we're knee-deep in snow. I'm not complaining of the lack of snow, though. I'm very OK with no snow... LOL ;) But it makes for an odd time when it's not really winter, but not really spring either. I bought a little pot of daffodil bulbs, and they bloomed during the weekend! ((HUGS))