Thursday, February 16, 2017

Red is my Happy Color

Not long ago some friends and I were discussing the effects of color on ourselves.
One of my friends said she was uncomfortable with the color red, even to the
place that when she had to drive a red rental car it her uncomfortable.
I have thought about that since that discussion.
Looking around my house I realized I love accessorizing with red,
even my car is red.
Paying attention to how it makes me feel I realized it is my happy color.
I feel uplifted when I wear red or even use a red teacup.
It is my happy color.
What you see in the pictures is on top of my china cabinet.
It makes me happy to see the red sitting there.
Old striped candy, not even edible anymore makes me smile.
The cranberry red bowl and creamer were a gift from a special aunt.
And the teacup was a souvenir from Kensington Palace last May.

If we walked around my house you would see other touches of red,
it just makes my heart sing.

What color makes your heart sing?
Do you have touches of it around your home?

Happy weekend, dear friends!
May you be surrounded with happiness!!


Jeanie said...

That's an interesting conversation, Marilyn. I'm a high color person -- give me teal/aqua, fuschia, yellows and I'm wildly happy. Greens too. And my rug is red, teal and gold. So, I could be very happy in your space!

Tracy said...

Colors, and how we feel about colors, is a pretty amazing thing, I think so too! PINK is my most HAPPY color (either pastel or bold, I'll take pink!), with aqua blue very, very close behind it. I do like red, and we have a lot of red touches in our kitchen with red textiles, kitchenware, etc. I dream of a white, bright kitchen, which is exactly the opposite of what we have right now... LOL! So at least with the red touches, it's mine/ours, and it's a happy thing! ;) Thanks for the HAPPY, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Janet Eiffel said...

Red is my "go to" color.
It's all over my house.
Gives a bit of spirit to the rest
of the decor. Mostly earth tones.

FYI....I read your blog daily.
Puts me in a happy place.

Laurie said...

With me it's blues and yellows, they make my heart happy. I also have touches of red, with blue and yellow it's beautiful!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Red is lovely Marilyn!
Yellow is my happy colour, I have little touches here and there and in the garden too>
Having said that I wouldn't choose a yellow car or yellow curtains!!!
Even though I'm a rose girl, I love a bunch of Sunflowers on the coffee table!
I wouldn't mind a red car ha ha!!!