Monday, February 13, 2017

Walk with Me - My Neighborhood. A Bit Political

Yes, my neighborhood tends to be a bit political;
so when I went walking on a rare clear day recently
these are the signs that did confirm that.

And then I just had to smile to see several old fashion
styles of entertainment hanging in trees.
One intersection had trees drawn on the road in
each direction with a medallion in the middle.
Yes, my neighborhood also loves art and
next week we will walk by many of the murals.

Then I found berries and touches of color here and there.
I love witch hazel; so when I saw this I had to run home
to see if mine was blooming, mine not so much.

Our neighborhood elementary school has decorated
the fence with flags and children's artwork on the fence.
This always makes me smile.
Do you enjoy walking in your neighborhood?
I will be happy when I can venture further with my little photographer in tow.
There has been a lot of rain lately, but we are beginning to see signs of spring.


Rosemary said...

What a fun walk! Love all the colorful political signs, the signs of creativity, and signs of spring.

Anonymous said...
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Tracy said...

LOVE the beauty and love in all of this, Marilyn... I like the vibe of your neighborhood! ;) More welcome mats and welcome signs... we all matter... LOVE maaters :)) Hope your little photographer can go along with you next time. HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY! ((HUGS))

Laurie said...

I love the closeness of your neighborhood Marilyn, the kind of place I wouldn't mind living!

Jeanie said...

I love everything here. The beauty. The civic involvement. The love. The visual stimulation and the humor (be the chang...!) You have a wonderful area for your walk, to be sure!