Monday, February 6, 2017

Walk with Me - Winter Lights

 Saturday evening I walked again along the Willamette River,
but this time alone and in twilight and darkness.
The trees were filled with these poofs and twinkled as the
darkness arrived.
 It was the Winter Festival of Lights.
The children played.
Many adults donned light all around.
 There were sculptures in light and color.

 As the lights played through the hanging display, 
the children laughed and danced.
 My favorite sight was of the city and the paddle boat all lite up in festive array.
 There were lights above.
 There was a field of bunnies to delight.
 And I walked down the dark, lite pathway along the river at night.
 Walks take place even in Winter and in Darkness,
but we are always searching for the light.


Lorrie said...

Lights in winter seem to have much more impact than in summer. Looks like a fun walk.

Jeanie said...

What a wonderful walk, Marilyn. The lights are so beautiful and isn't it wonderful to start and then more and more come on?

Joy said...

What a fun festival! Thank you for sharing your photos of it.

Decor To Adore said...

I adore the idea of lit up sculptures. It adds so much to an evening walk. Have a wonderful week!

Mary said...

Such a lovely fun way to light up the cold, dark nights of February.
Glad you were out and about enjoying the fresh night air x

Angela McRae said...

"Always searching for the light" definitely speaks to me! And what a great way to liven up the grayness of winter. Delightful!