Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Touch of Autumn

 Country Dusk, August

No longer is the road a tinsel strand
Whereon a line of motorcars flash by;
No longer is the summer sun a brand
Upon the smooth blue surface of the sky.
And where was heat and wind-blown dust, is peace
Of shadows now; where clamor, is repose
Of purple twilight and a slow release
Of dew on wheat and rustling long corn rows.

The rising moon unthreads the tangled way
Of books; cows cross a meadow on a path; 
The trees are silhouetted, wistful-grey;
Against the sunset's yellow aftermath.
While squares of lamplight over windowsills
Betray the small farmhouses on the hills.
~Ethel Romig Fuller, Kitchen Sonnets

 Back home again with memories of a walk in my sister's orchard.
I loved the discoveries of wood piles, tractors, rusty metal, and
above all else, apples.
 This property has been in my family for a long time.
 Nostalgia was the name of this stroll.
 With apples my heart travels to home and a touch of autumn.
There is always a moment to sip a cup of tea.
Are you beginning to feel a touch of autumn in the morning air?


Red Rose Alley said...

How fortunate you are to have this property, Marilyn. And the apple orchard, oh my! Yes, it's starting to feel like Fall here with the morning breezes. I will have a cup of tea any time. Your cup is pretty. : )


Tracy said...

Glad you had a good time away, Marilyn! :) How lovely is your sister's place--an orchard! :) I love those neat wood piles tucked among the trees--very practical. And VERY fun to see the pretty cup with apple tree background... It is a happiness to see those russet apples, ready for picking... With temps having dropped a tiny bit here, leaves starting to turn a bit yellow, etc... we are having a pre-taste of autumn here. There's even been some evening cocoa making already and candle-lighting. It's been a beautiful summer for the memory...and I'm not minding the change of season. ;) Happy Days ((HUGS))

a rich tapestry said...

I've enjoyed the poem and the walk through your sister's property. It's a blessing to have mature trees laden with fruit ready for the picking and enjoying. I can just imagine the time when they were planted and then nurtured. The photo with the old farm tractor must bring back nostalgic memories. Here in the UK we're enjoying some beautiful, calm sunny days - just the right temperature - and enjoying the many figs from our fig tree. Nothing better!

Jeanie said...

Really beautiful photos and a perfect poem to accompany them. Your sister's property is quite remarkable. I can imagine you would have had a wonderful time even without the joy of sharing it with family. That just makes it extra fabulous!

Mary said...

I love orchards - apples are looking good and I'm guessing they'll soon be picked.
It must feel very special to walk on ground which has been in your family for so long.

Rosemary said...

Love the fresh crisp feel of fall. We are getting an early taste of the transitioning season as August heat has left us.