Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tea with Friends

A week ago there were tea friends in town and we
celebrated the gathering with tea, of course.
There were adventures out and about,
from Lan Su Chinese Gardens to Smith Teamaker's shop.
Laughter ensued as we did imbibe much tea.
The lotus blossoms were quite beautiful at the gardens;
so I just had to share one with you.
This is Julia of Bingley's Teas in Minneapolis, MN.
She stayed in my home and it was JOY to get to know her better.
On the left is Robert Godden of Devotea in Australia.
He and his wife were visiting Portland for the soul purpose
of drinking tea with friends.
On the right is Geoffrey Norman, tea blogger extraordinaire,
from the Portland area.
On Sunday afternoon we celebrated their visit with
a WuWo Tea Ceremony.
What a joyous occasion,
one I wish you all could have been there for.
Each of us in the circle was served
and then we sat in silence and savored the flavors
of each special tea.
Of course with tea we have snacks.
For this special gathering there was pie and other goodies to share
in the gardenhouse.
Iced water was in the urn, as it was a very hot day.
I didn't take a picture, but we even had wildlife to share with our visitors.
A raccoon had set himself above our heads in the big tree in the garden.
I do hope you are enjoying the outdoors of summer
with special times with friends.
I believe this is the best part of summer time,
time with friends, fresh food from the garden,
and delighting in the out of doors.

Note:  I will be traveling for the next week and a half,
so if you don't see your comment posted right away;
eventually it will show up.  I will be posting, but more sporadically.
Come by and see where I am along the road.
I love sharing stories with you.


Mary said...

No wonder you were tired after being this busy dear! It did look like a great time for all who attended. I see the smiles that only a good cup of tea - and a piece of YOUR pie - brings!

Hope your trip is going well and you have some time to relax now.
Warmest hugs - Mary x

Red Rose Alley said...

What a nice tea time you had, Marilyn. The goodies look Yummy. That is a cute picture of Julia who stayed with you. And the lotus blossom is beautiful. Love all the detail in this flower.

You know I love coffee, but in the evening, I have to have my tea (Green tea or Chamomile. I like English Breakfast also).


Tracy said...

Such GOOD times and tea sharing! Would love to have been there for your tea ceremony... or any tea time...or with a raccoon too! ;) Wishing you safe and happy travels, and more tea times along the way! ((HUGS))

Louise-Arden said...

Those pies look so good!! sweet table too

Rosemary said...

Tea unites friends from long distances! What a great gathering on what looked like a perfect day!

Jeanie said...

Look at that lotus blossom! And that tea time with friends is so very beautiful. I can just imagine you there -- chatting, sipping tea, enjoying the good times on a beautiful day. Sounds perfect to me.

Adrienne said...

It's always nice to be with friends - old and new! Your time together looks like it was very special.