Monday, August 28, 2017

Walk with Me - Archer Lane

 My word this year is story and my story began here along Archer Lane.
It wasn't called Archer Lane when I was a girl,
but was a dusty dirt road I remember walking barefoot down.
The warm dust squeezed between my toes
and I found a warm apple to pick and nibble (well maybe gobble).
In my world I thought those moments were a treasure
without a worry in the world.
Archer Lane was named for my aunt and uncle who lived at
the beginning of the lane.
Originally this land belonged to my grandfather.
The two buildings you see above and just below were sheds
my grandfather used on his apple farm.
The little room to the side in the picture above was once
the residence of his brother, Uncle Charlie.
The buildings were blocked from view by a fence, but I was
able to reach my camera over the fence and take these two pictures.
They look alot different than when I was a girl.
Someone has made them less "rustic".
Peeking over the fence there is no longer apples growing there,
but there are grapes.  In the distance in those trees is my uncles
old farm house.
I was walking where once my young feet walked,
the memories were still there in my mind;
but it was different in my eyes.
As twilight approached I had a glimpse of the old farm house
I lived in as a baby.
Walking down memory lane brings many stories to my minds eye.
The stories are there, but in the twilight hour 
the eyes see them quite differently.


Mary said...

I loved seeing pix of your childhood home Marilyn. No matter how places change they still tug at one's heartstrings when a visit back is possible. . . . . . .
How about the manicured vineyard in place of apples. . . . . . did you ever try their wine?
I liked your words about the days of your childhood - they were special times weren't they.
Hugs - have a good week - glad you're safely home.
Mary x

Rosemary said...

Following your story.... looking back, looking forward.

Jeanie said...

Oh Marilyn, what a slew of memories a journey like this brings. I love the farmlands and I can imagine you walking down Archer Road with that apple. It's beautiful territory, both in memory and in real-life.

a rich tapestry said...

Thank you for sharing this story Marilyn. I was right with you as you walked down Archer Lane. I'm glad that your visit brought up so many good memories of your childhood home. It must have been a surprise to find that the land is now a vineyard. Looking forward to hearing more. Meanwhile wishing you a good day and week ahead.