Friday, August 25, 2017

Tea and Friendship

Tea and friendship comes in many forms.
This is but one way a shared friendship and teatime looks.
Meeting a tea friend face to face when traveling is always the best.
It is one of those small joys I so delight in when traveling.
So on this Thursday afternoon two tea lovers sat,
sipped tea, nibbled goodies, laughed, and shared stories.
Isn't that the very best of life?
When you travel do you search out like minded friends?

Happy weekend, dear friends!


Janet Eiffel said...

One of my favorite memories is an afternoon
in a lovely tea room in Vancouver BC
many years ago. My husband and I were
just strolling about the city and stumbled
on the cozy place.
We were shown to a table with another
random couple. We introduced ourselves
and the friendly conversation, laughter
and wonderful tea and nibbles went on
for over two hours.
What a wonderful day.

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you've been able to connect with tea friends on your journey. I love this photo -- the treats look scrumptious!

Mary said...

Definitely enjoy meeting up with friends when traveling - as you know dear friend!
That looked like a low cal tea, haha!!!!!! Very pretty and I'm sure delicious.

Rosemary said...

Food, friends, fun, in any order... it is the very best of life!