Monday, August 7, 2017

Walk with Me to the Sea

Last week it was 106 degrees in Portland, 
so an escape to the sea was planned.
When our grandson was born I knew one day
I would take him to Gnome Beach.
Wednesday was it.
Our family has called this special place
Gnome Beach since our children were small.
Can you see why?
Gnomes for sure live in those trees.
Then as we reached the sea one more climb took place.
With the hike to the sea we finally arrived.
It was about 90 degrees and still warm;
but splashing in the waves helped our spirits soar.

This is my favorite beach in Oregon.
Welcome to Oswald West State Park and Beach.
It is one place that brings me JOY to walk to and from
and then along the waters edge.


Mary said...

So glad you were able to get to the sea during the heatwave. Love the look of that beach and I know little D must have enjoyed it so much. Didn't look too crowded either, always a plus for me.

Cooler now hopefully.

Adrienne said...

We may have to go look for gnomes sometime soon! What a fun thing to do with your grandson. It's a beautiful place. Glad you could get away from some of the heat in the valley.

Red Rose Alley said...

These are treasured pictures of your grandson, Marilyn. He looks like he's exploring all around him. Boys have quite an imagination, don't they?


Jeanie said...

He is getting SO BIG! Oh, and these photos are real treasures. Sheer perfection and someday, the best memories!