Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Summertime and the liv'n is easy.
Well that is what I always think when we get to summertime.
Why do I think that, when everyone gears up to come visit'n, 
playing, and enjoying the outdoors?
Several pies have been made for visitors.
Tea has been sipped.
Oh! It has all been fun,
but you may have noticed me missing here.
Last weekend there was tea friends visiting,
tea in the garden, then adventures with my grandson.
Tomorrow is the last day of day camp at our church
and I am helping with crafts.
Soon I will return to my regular schedule, 
but first an adventure to California next week.
I will be ready to be home for awhile once the adventures
and summertime is completed.
In the meantime, carry on and enjoy Summertime.


Red Rose Alley said...

Your table looks scrumptious. Have a nice visit to California, Marilyn. That is where I live! Be safe and have fun!


Tracy said...

Oooo... lovely late afternoon/evening view of your tea table... Enjoy your summer adventures, Marilyn! Safe and happy travels... Ah, summertime--gotta love it, gotta enjoy while it's here! :) ((HUGS))

Joy said...

Summertime is for adventures - enjoy them all!

Jeanie said...

That's a wonderful image! I enjoy all it evokes! Busy lady -- but all good, I think!

Louise-Arden said...

Your table is stunning! The photos are lovely!!

Rosemary said...

yummmm.... fresh berry pie and ice cream! Yes, please!