Thursday, August 3, 2017

Roses in the Garden

My "live-in gardener" and I have an addiction to
adding roses in the garden.
We particularly go for "old, heirloom" varieties.
There are three climbing roses on the trellis below.
They bloom at different times.
 Then in front of the house there are about 25 roses.
 Bouquets in the house this time of year always include roses.

 The heat we are having right now,
today is expected to reach 106 degrees,
does not make for happy roses.
But they are hanging in there
and for that I am happy.

I was looking for a poem about roses,
but instead found the following.
Enjoy!  Have a happy day!

A Child in a Garden

Once I had just half an hour
To frolic by myself;
Presto! By a lilac bush
I changed into an elf.

I whispered to a ladybird,
"I really am a child!"
But the disbelieving thing
Shrugged its wings and smiled.

A dusty bumblebee and I
Robbed the honey crocks
Of the Canterbury bells
And the hollyhocks.

And beneath a pansy plant--
A place no grown-up knows--
I pirouetted with an ant
On my elfin toes.

Then down the spice-pink-bordered path
Mother came for me;
The elf became a little girl
Ready for her tea.

~by Ethel Romig Fuller, Kitchen Sonnets


Jeanie said...

You have so many beautiful roses, Marilyn -- it's just dazzling. I suspect every time you open the door or nearest window the most wonderful fragrance wafts in on a breeze. Sigh.

Red Rose Alley said...

Marilyn, I didn't know you had so many roses in the garden. The soft yellow ones are pretty, and the one with the pink edges is stunning. I love this fairy poem so much. May I use it sometime on my blog? You have the most enchanting posts, Marilyn, I love them.


Mary said...

Yes, we're seeing the weather has really turned HOT there dear - hopefully both you and the beautiful roses can stand the heat, for a short time anyway!
Jim's been busy in the garden see - and they are just spectacular.

Such a sweet poem too!
Hugs - Mary

Tracy said...

How beautiful is your garden, Marilyn... love your trellis with cozy sitting nook... I love the old fashioned roses too. After a few years of not having any roses, we are tentatively trying with two The Fairy roses, which are supposed to be hardy, disease-resistant creatures. The poem is so playful... so much fun... Make you want to dance! ;) ((HUGS))