Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Adirondacks by the Sea

I sit by the sea
Dreaming dreams of you and me
The waves pull me into another world
They wash away all stress
My eyes droop closed
My head falls back against the chair
And truly I step into another place in time
For each time I find a chair by the sea
I dream
I sit
I listened
And soon my cares wash away

When I first picked up my big girl camera
someone asked what I intended to take pictures of?
My response was Adirondack chairs by water. 
So here I share the latest picture
of Adirondack chairs by water.


wisps of words said...

:-) I knew what you meant, by your post title!!!!!

Adirondack chairs.... by water.

My husband has made quite a few Adirondack chairs, for us and for family members. They are the most wonderfully comfortable chairs.

And with an ocean view, even more wonderful. :-))))

Jeanie said...

Aren't Adirondack chairs terrific subjects? They have such perfect lines. This is a wonderful photo. And I can imagine another -- maybe taken by your husband -- with you in one of those comfy chairs! I loved the poem.

Rosemary said...

Your photo shouts 'tranquility by the sea'! Love it.