Wednesday, March 21, 2018

View by the Sea

An adventure to the sea.
Staying at the Sylvia Beach Hotel.
A historic hotel where there are  no televisions,
no phones, no wifi, and a friendly cat.
The Hemingway room was to be where I slept.
But I snoozed and read in that leather chair too.
Do you see the resident cat?
A place to sit and listen to the sea.
My favorite lighthouse above the waves sending signals out to sea.
How I love the sea and each and every sight to see.
Newport, Oregon is a lovely place.
Another lighthouse to the south, the other was to the north.
There is something so beautiful in a lighthouse; so solitary.
Fishing boats in the bay.

How I love the sea.
The rest, the sounds, and the solitude.
This was one way to celebrate a birthday.


Jane said...

Beautiful photos. When we go on holiday we always choose a place out in the sticks where there is no wi-fi access. Much as I love the internet sometimes it's so nice to have a week without it. We live by the sea, but it's usually calm here x

Jeanie said...

Any place with a resident cat is a spot I'd like to be in. How wonderful to totally unplug! It really is so beautiful. Was it named in honor of the Shakespeare and Co. Sylvia Beach?

wisps of words said...

We too, love the ocean. For us, it was autumn visits to Cape Cod. :-)

Since his eyesight has deteriorated, and I don't like to drive on b-i-g roads any more.... We can not go anymore.

What a very, very lovely Birthday trip you had!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))

Linda deV said...

Lovely! Another place I would love to visit. Enjoy.

Joy said...

Beautiful! And yes, a very lovely place to celebrate a birthday.

Red Rose Alley said...

The sea is peaceful and calming, and I liked your wonderful pictures, Marilyn. That is an unusual and charming light house to the south. And a sweet picture of you listening to the sea.


Adrienne said...

I loved seeing your birthday adventure. I've always wanted to stay at this old hotel. The cat and the views and the peace and quiet are so appealing.

Rosemary said...

Lovely! So tranquil and serene! What a celebration of birthday blessings! Spotted the camouflaged cat!