Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dance in the Moonlight

 This morning I woke very early.
Shining through my window was the Worm Moon,
a full moon for sure!
My camera was grabbed and I stepped outdoors.
The clouds had another idea and decided to hide this glorious moon.
I waited and just when I had given up hope,
there that moon was winking at me.
It was saying to come and dance in the light of the moon.
So on went my wolf skirt and I began to dance.
The light of the moon shone just for me,
after all who else would be crazy enough to
wear a wolf skirt in the early morning light and dance.
The rain was on the grass in the early morning hour,
but I wasn't to let that deter me.
With no one around I danced under that moon.
I swayed back and forth and let out a soft sound of laughter.
It was exuberance that let my spirit fly
for in the midst on the last moments of night
I was surrounded by moonlight and daffodils.
And I smiled!
 Happy weekend, dear friends!
May you find moonlight and daffodils
to dance in the early morning hour.
May laughter be in your heart.


Tracy said...

The Worm Moon... sooo LOVLEY! This moon reminds me that spring IS on the way--eventually. ;) LOVE the idea of a woof skirt for dancing under the moonlight... though not sure I could wear real fur! ;) But the idea... yes!! LOVED this fun, Marilyn!! Happy Worm Moon ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

I had hoped to see the Worm Moon. Do you have Susan Branch's bookmark with all the moons for this year on it? Let me know if you don't -- I can either send you the link or the pdf which I copied when I made mine. She does that often -- a bookmark with something cool and I love them.

Our skies were too cloudy last night. And I had been anticipating!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, what a wonderful way to start your day, by dancing to the light of the moon. I can relate well to your post, as I sometimes get up so early just to see the sun rise. I can just see you dancing in your wolf skirt swaying back and forth. : ) What a delightful post, Marilyn.


wisps of words said...

Oh how delightful!

You did see the Full Worm Moon!

Not here, as another biggggggg snow storm was getting ready to strike. But I'm glad you got to see it. And to dance, at dawn, sounds very delightful. :-)

Zaa said...

I’m smiling just thinking of your dancing by the light of the moon...sometimes a girls got to do.. what a girls got to do ... and if howling at the moon brings SPRING” here faster...I’m ready to don my wolf shirt too ( Hee Hee) ..Delightful post....Hugs