Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It's My Time to Celebrate!

Flowers bursting in the garden.
It's my time to celebrate.
Daffodils particularly are my favorite to include in the celebration.
A teacup with a flower floating makes me smile too.

Spring is blooming inside the gardenhouse and out in the garden.
I love that it blooms this month just for me.
Why yes, they know it is time for me to celebrate.
When it is a birthday month, a special month
it will be. Full of daffodils, flowers, and strawberries too.
Celebrating springtime, birthdays, and the green!
Celebrating all month long,
for I turn (shall I say) 75 this week.
It started with tea time with a friend
and will end with tea time with my sister.
In between will be an adventure to the sea,
family time, and of course a girl party just for me.

Do you celebrate your birthday month most thoroughly?
I hope you do that, for each of us is extra special
and we deserve to celebrate us.


Jeanie said...

I don't think I knew your birthday was this week! Your excursion this weekend will be all the more fun!

My boy is on his way. I hope all works out!

(And yes, I celebrate as long as possible!)

wisps of words said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

March is my Birthday month too. You will be 75 and I will be 81.

No, I don't make much of my Birthday. But it isn't until later in the month, so I still have time to plan on doing so! :-))))

Oh how beautiful it is, where you live, now. Not so here. We just had more snow, and no flowers in sight. In fact, we can not be sure of no frost, to put flowers out, until Memorial Day. 'Tis not spring here, in March.

Enjoy your flowers! Enjoy your Birthday Week!!!! Hugsssss...

Adrienne said...

Happy birthday, my friend. Celebrate you as long as you wish. The flowers and colors of the season are wonderful and they make me smile.

Red Rose Alley said...

Happy Birthday, Marilyn. 75 surely is a special one!

Jess loves her birthday, and even likes to celebrate the whole month,
so I smiled when you mentioned that. Tea time with the ones you
love sounds perfect for celebrating your special day. : )


Jeanne Caron said...

Happy Birthday with much love and many blessings.

Love Jeanne

Tracy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Marilyn!! HAPPY 75!! And such lovely blooms and early spring you are having there to celebrate...and not least tea times! So glad you're soaking up all the special moments! It's funny, I tend not to make a big deal about my own birthday, but I do about everyone else's. ;) BIG BIRTHDAY ((HUGS)), my friend!! :)))

Joy said...

Beautiful flowers! Happy birthday season!