Thursday, March 22, 2018

Gardenhouse Celebration

 Stepping into the gardenhouse is like stepping into a womb.
So teatime celebrations are a perfect way of celebrating a birth
right here in the gardenhouse.
 The cake for the birthday girl was center stage.
No I didn't bake it, but embellished it with berries.
 The stage was set and ready for the guests to arrive.
 Let them eat cake, first and foremost.
Then for other nibbles there was smoked salmon, smoked trout,
prosciutto, goat cheese, all sorts of olives and pickled things,
a baguette, rice crackers, and a gluten free cupcake for one guest.
 We stepped inside,
we ate cake,
we sipped tea (Baozhong oolong and Tulsi with roses)
for a couple hours the world went away.
The celebration was mine.
Four special women sat at my table.
We celebrated 75 years of living.
It delighted my soul.

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Louca por porcelana said...

Oh my!How amazing and inviting!Remind me my childhood when my birthday was celebrated in a similar place with my neighbors and family...Sweet memories.Happy Birthday!What a beautiful table!

Margie said...

What a fabulous way to celebrate three quarters of a century.

Bernideen said...

How lovely and the food looks lovely too! Such a fun time and Happy Birthday to you Marilyn! Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

soooo much FUN, Marilyn! Just love the almost summer feeling of your party. And LOVE your pink tea pot! Such good food, and what a splendid cake too. Best of all is seeing BIG smile on the birthday girl. :) So glad you've been having some happy times and celebraTing you over many days! ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, this could neither be lovelier nor more delightful. And to have this terrific occasion for celebration makes all the pretties and delicious treats even more fun. You know how to set a fabulous table. I love the bright, cheeriness of it all. And the balloons are perfect -- a wonderful festive celebration for a wonderful, festive woman!

wisps of words said...

How wonderful to have a greenhouse! What a lovely place, to celebrate a March Birthday.

And such a pretty spread. Ohhhh yum. And even a G/F cupcake for one lady, who like me, has to be G/F. :-)

Such a pretty picture of the Birthday Lady! I love, love, love your hair style. Mine is not thick enough, but if it was, this would be my present choice.

Happy, Happy, Happy...

wisps of words said...

Oh and yes, You my Dear are a "Youngin'"!

On my Birthday, in a bit, I will be 81. :-)

And we are "bouncing around," unlike many of these ages, before us. Which is quite wonderful....

Adrienne said...

You know I love your greenhouse and I can't imagine a better way to celebrate YOU! It was beautiful and the menu sounded absolutely perfect. I loved the festive decor and the pretty setting. Now, if I only had room for a greenhouse!

Red Rose Alley said...

Happy Birthday, dear Marilyn.


Zaa said...

BRAVO ... Can you hear me clapping and singing.. What a lovely way to celebrate .. with your friends... I love it .. and OMG what a scrumptious looking cake...YUMMY... Your “ Beyond Gold” poem was so appropriate as was the menu ..Absolutely delightful ...I feel as If i were there... Thank you for that inspiration.... and ... "You’re not getting older baby..You’re getting better”..HAPPY EASTER HUGS

Rosemary said...

Happy, happy birthday, Marilyn! Your birthday month was full of memorable celebrations! Just the way it should be.