Thursday, March 29, 2018

Flowers on the way to Tea

Last week I took a walk through the Lan Su Chinese Gardens.
The flowers were beginning to bloom and the afternoon 
just sparkled in the spring sunlight.
I was on my way to taste some teas in the garden.
But I just needed to savor the flowers as I walked.

I reached the place for tasting tea with Yin Na of
Beside sharing about the region of China that she was from,
she shared so much of the beautiful ritual of tea time.
She explained that the tea growing areas of China
are more in the southern region, which is in color on the map.
Then we tasted.

Yin Na's preparation of making and serving tea
was like a dance. 
Her heart and hands performed a beautiful picture for us.
In the picture she is preparing an oolong, which she called Rock Tea
from the Wuyi mountains.

Each movement was an art
and the tea was enjoyed as I sipped.
I came home with a small packet of Golden Flower Super Tea.
It looks like a puerh, a young green puerh.
I was hoping for flowers, but it is more like spring time grass.
Tea times are always special times for me
of meditation and being served delights my soul.
Now to finish my walk in among the flowers of the garden.

It was a snippet of spring time, a small escape from everyday life.
One I grabbed ahold of, delighted in, and so happy I ran to the gardens
for tea time and flowers.


wisps of words said...

What a beautiful place to be able to visit. -happy sigh-

And the whole time, was peaceful and joyful.

Lucky you...

Thank you, for taking us along...

Angie @The Blush Bloom said...

What a treat to be able to spend time in a place like this where all the senses are engaged. It seemed like a very peaceful place. Thank you for sharing.

Jeanie said...

Is this the garden you went with Rick? He was so impressed by it and said it was one of his favorite things. Certainly being able to enjoy tea and learn would be a big plus. It truly is beautiful.

Rosemary said...

What a special experience! The presentation looks fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

Zaa said...

OMG ..I loved this tour ... What a exciting experience and so beautifully presented... What FUN.. Thank You for sharing the beauty.