Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Farm Time

Whenever I venture to the farm I want to sing "Old MacDonald had a Farm", but really it is Diane's Farm.
Definitely there is an assortment of animals to see
from chickens, 2 fat turkey's, a llama, sheep, and 4 baby goats with
their mama's too.
Then two 5 year olds that love running, animals, and mud.
Diane, my niece, is their caretaker.
Not sure their will be turkey on any dinner plates.
These two beauties are pets.
The turkey's have blue faces, quite colorful I must say.
The babies are what I had come to see.
What sweeties they are.
They all had been born in February.
This llama also thinks she is the caretaker on the menagerie farm.
We played, we ran, we held baby goats.
What fun to visit Diane's Farm and sing,
Diane's Farm has quite a cast from chickens to cats. 
It must be springtime with all the new life.


wisps of words said...

That last picture, the llama looks as if she is about to "lay down the law"! Like she is not pleased, about something! Of course!!! She believes she is the caretaker and she is not being "properly consulted" about "these visitors"! :-)))))))))

What a wonderful place to be able to visit. Especially in the spring, with the babies. Such fun!!!!!!!

Diane must be a wonderful woman. Taking care of this farm, _and_ two 5 year olds.

Jeanie said...

This is SO cool! I love the baby goats! What a treasure to visit there with your little man!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, you visited a farm, how wonderful, Marilyn. Those turkeys are really tame. They usually are cautious around people. The baby goats are sweet. There's always something interesting to see when we visit a farm. So glad you got to go there. : )


Annie said...

I just learned this week that a new local acquaintance has horses, dogs, cats, chickens, goats. Etc. I hope to arrange a visit for my grands. Thanks for the inspiration.