Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Time to Blossom

 Yesterday I walked in my neighborhood searching for blossoms to share with you.
I didn't have far to go for this first blossom was in front of my house, on the parking strip.
There are three dogwood there, one white and two pink. 
The pink are just starting to get blossoms.
The white takes it's time.
 Because apple blossoms make my heart flutter with love
I strolled down the street to find the beginning of apple blossoms.
A neighbor has an apple tree out in their parking strip.
 And just next door to the apple tree I found a row of blueberry blossoms.
 Two blocks from my house there is this divided road with trees down the middle.
The city calls it an arboretum of trees.
Many of them are just beginning to wake up and you would see a soft yellow green.
In this particular block one of the neighbors has planted daffodils around the trees.
Sometimes the neighbors do that and it makes my heart happy.
The daffodils are almost finished, but in another block someone has planted tulips.
 Then walking along I found a beautiful star magnolia hanging over the side walk.
 Oh there are still some daffodils.
This is the home of the person that planted them around the trees.
Political signs are beginning to pop up now and it reminds me that life still goes on.
I particularly like this one, Love Wins and All Lives Matter.
 Yes, there were some gorgeous tulips along the way.
 Now sure, but I am guess flowering cherry in someone's parking strip.
 This is a flowering red currant.
 Now maybe you know this one, I don't know the name.
One whole wall had them growing along the sidewalk.
The green just was beautiful in the sunshine.
 More blossoms if you look to the sky.
 Another apple tree just down the street from me and again in the parking strip.
 Just behind my house I could walk under two trees beginning to shine.
The one on the right is actually in my yard, the silver maple.
 Down the alley behind my house the Japanese quince has escaped the fence and is blooming for me.
 Now this was a weed in full flower in the alley.
I was tempted to pull them, but they were just too pretty.
 I peeked over the fence into the back of my yard.
Rose buds beginning to form on the arbor at the back fence.
One more stop. Across the street from me they have planted an almond tree in their parking strip.
It is blossoming too. Now I will be watching for almonds, which are a bit unusual for Oregon.
That neighbor also planted olive trees in his yard, another unusual tree for Oregon.

I live in an old part of Portland where the homes have been here awhile,
unless they have been torn down and a new one built.
This is happening too.
My house was built in 1950.
I think there must have originally been orchards here,
since there are many very old fruit trees.
I love walking in my neighborhood.
This is my travel adventure these days.
Until we can travel again, let's savor our surroundings.
Blossom where we are this very moment.

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Jeanie said...

Oh, all those trees! It's gorgeous with the trees and those blooms. That almond is a stunner. What beautiful walks you are enjoying, It's still too early for us. But soon!