Monday, June 26, 2017

Walk with Me - Trout Lake, Washington

Last week I ventured with 5 friends to Trout Lake.
Beside spending treasured time with dear friends,
we walked!
We walked right here at the lake.
It was a gorgeous day, just perfect for a walk.
Funny, I took up the back of the pack for I was the one with the camera.
Then as they paused to check out the view, I would catch up.
The conversations with friends on a walk are precious.
The nature here amazing.
And of course I always search for the flowers.
Mount Adams is in the background. 
It makes for a most dramatic scene.
Flowers, water, trees, mountain, good trail,
and especially good friends,
what's not to like on this walk in the wild.

Are you walking, dear friends?
This week I am off on another small
adventure, but back soon. 
There will be some walking with friends involved.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Solstice Morning Photo Shoot

Oh the light!
I had to take my tea to that early morning light.
Stand still my love
Listen in the twilight hour or in the early morn
There are sounds of laughter, soft voices too
Planes fly over head
A car door closes
and a ball bounces nearby

Twilight comes late this night
Morning rises early
Summertime is here

The breezes warm us
The times in between have a special glow
The fairies linger just out of sight
They are waiting to dance in the midnight hour

Lift your cup high and celebrate
for summer days are here

Happy Summer Solstice! 
Enjoy the weekend, dear friends!
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Santa Fe Botanical Gardens

 There are two things my "live-in gardener" and I
search out when traveling, one is tea experiences
and the other is gardens.
 So a visit to the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens was
the plan for our second morning there.
 The garden was fairly new and still a work in progress,
but we thoroughly enjoyed a morning walk through
a different for us kind of garden.
 I did have to stop by and see their new orchard with fruit trees.
 There were so many plants to see and identify.

 The bridge took us to another part of the garden where there were
herbals, cooking, medicinal plants, plus a place for the children.
It was so well thought out.


 Ovens for baking in the garden.

 Thank you for walking with us here.
It was a lovely spring morning.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Route 66

Missing in action!
Yes! I have been away for a couple days,
but not to Route 66 as you might believe.
When my "live-in gardener" and I took our road
trip last month someone said we would be traveling Route 66.
That old song popped in my head and so I watched for the signs.
And because it was lunch time we took the business detour off the highway
to follow the old Route 66 for awhile.
What fun to find Snow Cap for a burger and fries.
Yes, I love finding a tea spot,
but this burger stop was ever so fun.
And of course we need a bit of fun and whimsy
along the road too.

Memories came to the surface of the days long ago
where my friends and I would hop in the old car and cruise Main St., USA

Pictures were taken.
Memories regaled.
Burgers were eaten.
And down the road we went.
So if you ever find yourself along Route 66, stop for a burger
and delight in a past era.
It was an era I remember, yes I am that age
where memories can delight and give me a smile.