Monday, May 20, 2019

Garden Quotes 2019

Just yesterday I was welcomed to Lucy's garden.
She had said, "come and photograph my garden".
Finally, I was there in this secret space full of delight.
Enjoy! And find a quote or two along the way.
 "The bonsai is not you working on the tree;
you have to have the tree work on you."
~John Naka
There were many bonsai in Lucy's garden.

 There were many varieties of geraniums too.
A sweet rose.

"Is time that involves itself in the moment,
that focuses on the soaring stateliness of trees
and the minute scale of the tiniest blossom.
Garden time requires daily attention
but does not require that everything be done in a day.

Come apart from your busyness
to be renewed and refreshed
in the company of growing things.
It won't take long,
but it will feel like a day in the country."
~Emilie Barnes
Spending time in Lucy's garden felt like time spent in the country,
a respite from the world outside the garden.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Tea by the Sea

Growing up near the Pacific Ocean I realized that my heart belongs there.
Right there by the sea.
When, at a younger adult age, I lived in Kansas the thing I mourned was the sea.
My heart just has to take me there every once in the while,
to walk or sit and be quiet, letting the sounds of the sea wash over me.
Recently I could hear it calling; so a day trip was planned.
Of course my teacup, a nibble, and hot water went along.
The nibble was a granola bar, which I enjoy making occasionally.
The tea was Darjeeling in a teabag for the simple reason
it just makes it easy.
The day was a bit cool, but refreshing as in the city it felt like summer.
Others were called to the sea also.
Do you have a place that calls to you to come on occasion?
For me it is the sea.

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Follow your heart!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Garden Quotes 2019

 Normally I go for soft pinks and whites in the garden,
but these Welsh poppies have fascinated me for several years.
I tried growing them from seeds to no avail.
I have looked for plants to no avail.
But when visiting the Joy Creek Nursery recently they were spread
throughout their garden.
But did they sell them, why "NO".
Still looking. I love the way they just fill in barren spots in a garden
and we do need a few of those spots filled.
 So a walk in the gardens at this amazing nursery was very special.
Every gardener knows that under
the cloak of winter lies a miracle.... 
a seed waiting to sprout, 
a bulb opening to the light, 
a bud straining to unfurl,
And the anticipation nurtures our dream.
~Barbara Winkler

Happy Monday from the garden!

Friday, May 10, 2019

A Mighty Fine Day

Do you ever have just a normal, everyday sort of day
and then suddenly it turns into a mighty fine day?
Wednesday I went to the gym,
something I try to do regularly.
It was a normal sort of day.
On returning home I needed to go to the market;
but I took a detour and found myself strolling
through the Lan Su Chinese Gardens for a little respite.
Well you know I do that sometimes;
so it was still just a normal sort of day.

And then the docent greeted me and pointed out some
gorgeous flowers.
Well you know that lifts my spirits.

So I decided to stop at the teahouse for some tea.
I was greeted by the manager, well she knows me,
and told me they had a special Competition Style Dong Ding oolong.
Rather than look at the menu I asked her to bring me this special tea.
Traveling alone I thought I would just sit at the table that faces the
garden and enjoy the sunshine.
There was a woman sitting nearby sketching.
After she put her sketch book away we started chatting.
Isabella was from Belgium and she loves to travel a lot;
so you can tell where our conversation went.
When she retired she decided her money would go into travel;
so she lives simply and takes pet sitting jobs all over the world.
The chat brought back travel memories for me.
And just this little detour in my day and
a chat with a stranger made it a mighty fine day.
I love when I put myself out there and take a detour in my day.

Happy Weekend, dear friends!
Take the detour, you will be glad you did it!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Just Last Saturday

With sunshiny weather and the need to get out,
my adventure encompassed some delights that tickled my heart
and just made me smile.
When the camera comes out my grandson can't resist a pose.
We were off to the plant sale and he was on the hunt.
 No, it wasn't flowers he wanted.
Not even some strawberry plants for his garden.
But a venus fly trap was calling to him.
Isn't that what any little 6 year old guy would want?
 Now I spotted teacups and teapots for the garden.
 There were 6 rows like this and most of them were packed.
 Each of us came home with a plant.
Then after the grandson returned home,
my "live-in  gardener" and I took a little hike.
He had never viewed the camas lily; so I showed him where to find them.
 There were meadows and fields full of them in glorious beauty.
And a few trees here and there too.

Now if you look really close between the trees you will see Mt.Hood,
a volcanic mountain about an hour drive from Portland.

But the soft glow of blue and pink wildflowers was what we wanted to see.

I love this trail and it is an easy walk.
If we looked here and there more flowers appeared.
How it delights my heart to walk through fields of flowers 
and spending time with one special guy at the plant show too.

Excuse me for slowly adding posts.
For some reason the internet at my home is quite slow lately
or maybe it is blogspot.
Blogspot doesn't want to load more than two or three pictures at
a time; so I must persevere.

Take time for an adventure each and every week.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Garden Quotes 2019

More than half a century has passed,
and yet each spring,
when I wander into the primrose wood
and see the pale yellow blooms
and smell their sweetest of scents...
for a moment I am
seven years old again and
wandering in the fragrant wood.
~Gertrude Jekyll

Yellow blooms earlier this spring coming up through the snow
delighted my heart.
Now primrose sit in one corner of the garden,
not always noticed but sitting there in quiet repose.
Happy Springtime, dear friends!

Friday, May 3, 2019

Tea by Candlelight

The weather warms and beckons me outdoors.
Both tea and flowers are my delight.
The moonlight is rising into the sky.
Candles lite, it is time for tea.
A dreamer is one
who can only find her way by moonlight.
~Oscar Wilde
 So moonlight it is!
 The Way of Tea:
Follow it, and ever deeper it goes;
Like the field of Musashi
Where the moon is limpid,
With depths that draw us onwards.
~ Rikansai
So the moon creates the ambiance,
tea beckons by candlelight.
Come sit awhile and sip with me.
Poetry we read.
The night is young,
the birds quiet in the evening light,
and now we smile with satisfied delight.

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Go out and find the moon,
sit awhile for spring is here.