Thursday, July 19, 2018

Barefoot and Blues

 At heart a barefoot girl in summer.
Ahhh, the warmth of the sun shining just there.
The ground warm with the heat of the day.
The grass tickling my toes.
Add to that a little bluesy music and my heart takes flight.
Does your heart swing,
does your heart fly when a little music causes you to move?
The music playing in my ears brings me JOY.
Dancing with bare toes is pure DELIGHT.
Sway, Dance, and let your heart take flight.

"Be the girl who walks barefoot and listens to blues." Anonymous

I found this quote earlier this summer 
and the images it played in my mind were so special I just had to share.
What images does it play in your mind?
My iPod goes with me to the gym, plays for me when I work around the house,
and even played soothing sounds as I picked blueberries recently.

Happy weekend, dear friends!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Assam Tea for Breakfast

Recently Lochan Tea sent me some (well actually more than some)
tea to taste and review. What a very special treat that has been.
So far I have no complaints.

Each day I am working my way through another new one.
I think it will take me the full month of July just to taste and enjoy.
This past week it has been teas from the Assam region of India.
Do you know where Assam is? Just east of Darjeeling on the upper
east side of the country near the Himalayas.
Now I have never been a big fan of Assam teas,
but I was willing to give them a try.
To tell you the truth I think my palate isn't trained to taste
the nuances of Assam's black teas.
That said I can totally understand why the English like these black teas.
They can be strong black, but with a splash of milk quite delicious.
The perfect morning tea!
Here is a list of the five Assam teas I tasted.

   Singluan TGFOP, Second Flush 2018, Assam.  I find a lot of teas from Assam to be CTC tea (crush, tear, curl) and this is one. With CTC I like a smaller amount of tea per water or I find they get to bitter. This one was not bitter at all and quite a nice smooth breakfast black tea. 
No bitter after taste. I would drink this one again.

      Hattialli TGFOP 1 CL, Second Flush 2018, Assam. Very much what I think represents black teas from Assam.  A full bodied black with a slight bit of astringency. It would be good with a splash of milk, which is what I feel for many teas from Assam. I think that is what the English like about Assam teas.     
              Mokalbari TGFOP 1, Second Flush 2018, Assam.  By now I realized I have a difficult time noticing the differences in Assam teas.  Each one is black, would be good with a splash of milk, makes a good breakfast tea, and is just a nice straight forward black tea.
       Sree Sibbari TGFOP 1 CL, Second Flush 2018, Assam and  Teloijan TGFOP 1, Second Flush 2018, Assam were two more I tasted and would say the same as above.  In my cup is the Teloijan tea. I took it outdoors and enjoyed sipping in the morning sun and imagining sitting near the tea fields of Assam, India.

Assam teas from Lochan Teas definitely worth sipping.
You can find them at
Tell them I sent you. 

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

An Adventure to Dordogne, France

This month I am participating in Paris/France in July.
   These are fond memories of past travels to a country I adore.
For some reason this wall with flowers speaks to me of traveling the back
roads of France. As we passed a farm house nearby I saw this stunning wall and fell in love with France all over again.
Following the GPS sometimes led us down country roads/paths
and into out of the way places, including a barn yard.
This day we had a destination along the Dordogne River.
Finally we arrived.
It took my breathe away.
Do you see the village along the river?
Our room looked out on that river.
Thanks, Rick Steves, for this recommendation.
I would return there in a heart beat.
He also recommended the restaurant in the hotel.
We were not disappointed.
It was amazing!
Even to the traditional morning breakfast.
It was amazing to be able to sit here and savor the evenings.
Isn't this just amazing?
I see I have used "amazing" several times, but truly it was!
So picture perfect and perfect for a walk or a boat ride.
When we would walk past this window an elderly woman would be 
watching behind those curtains. I never could catch her with my camera.
Sunset over the river.
We meandered through this valley.
It is a memory I will never forget.
I would highly recommend visiting here if given the chance to travel.
Within a day you could travel along the river to other beautiful villages,
Sarlot's street marketplace was a delight, then caves to visit,
and finally castles and Josephine Baker's home too.
So much to see of beauty all around.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday's Tea Quote

 Tea on Emma's porch.

"I imagine heaven's like this," I said.
"Perfect surroundings, and angels wafting in with tea."
~Miss Read, Farther Afield

It was like heaven to sit on Emma's porch sipping tea. 

PS: Just to let you know, Emma is from history. Her house is located on the grounds
of the Aurora Colony Museum in Aurora, Oregon. The museum was gracious to allow
me to do this photography shoot some time ago.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Are You the Fairy?

I once heard a little girl ask someone wearing a tutu,
"Are you the fairy?"
Just that has stuck with me ever since.
What is our image of a fairy?
Is it the fairy godmother who waves her wand and makes
wishes come true?
Is it the fairies that dance in the moonlight,
in the forest fairy rings?
Or is it just someone that secretly is there for you,
who has your back even if you don't know it?
Fairies create magic.
They dance!
They laugh or sing softly!
They sing even when our heart is broken!
Do you hear them singing with the waves of a tree branch?
Do you see them dancing with the flicker of your eyes?
Or are they surrounding you, helping you to see the magic?

Notice what you notice!
Capture the imagination and keep the fairies close!

A day early, but wishing you a Happy Weekend, dear friends!
See you back here on Monday!
Sending Love and Fairies to surround you!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Carcassone, France

We lost track of our days as we traveled the south of France a few years ago.
Leaving one place in Provence a day earlier than planned,
we drove to Carcassone.  We weren't expected for another day,
but thankfully the B&B had a special room just for us.
The proprietor said, put your bags in the room and step
through the door into a secret garden for tea.
It was the perfect way to be greeted and to soothe our ruffles.
Tea in the garden.
It was meant to be, an extra day in Carcassone was
just the right thing to happen.
A serendipity occasion.
Being inside the walls of this city at night were just enchanting.
There were not a lot of travelers walking in the street.
It was like our own fairy tale, enchanted village.

Carcassone is a medieval walled city.

Just outside the wall was a merry-go-round.

Back inside the wall there was much to see.

I even found a sweet little tea shop.

And the most colorful sweet shop.
The second night in the B&B we moved upstairs to the room
reserved for us.
This is the view from our window.
I had to visit this church.
The windows were amazing.

On Sunday afternoon we had returned to our room to rest,
but we heard music coming in the window.
Off we went to explore.
There was dancing in the street.

I loved it oh so much.
The exuberance and JOY was there that Sunday in October.
It was an enchanted time and place and I would return in a heartbeat.