Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A bit of tea, here and there

 This morning as I sat on my back steps savoring nature in the early
morning with a cup of tea in hand I was reminiscing about a
 past trip to visit Taiwan tea farms.
In my cup was the end of the tea I had brought home,
a 27 year old Buddha Hand Oolong.
Then my mind turned to the past week with tea.
 There was a tea party at a retirement center near Portland
where I was the guest speaker.
Not my usual thing to do and I had never talked to
a group in a retirement center.
 Not sure I did very well, but I told myself if nothing
else "it was good for me". 
It looks like I was singing here, but nope I was just talking
about tea and the history of tea in England.
 And then as I shared yesterday another picture from tea by the river.
This past weekend was time by this river and a few moments of
solitude with a cup of tea.
Probably my favorite time with tea.
 Then yesterday a small group of women friends met out in nature
for a potluck, friendship, and a sip of tea.
The view and the day were spectacular.

 The flowers were blooming and though you can't see it, as the clouds
parted we saw three volcanic mountains in the distance.
If I count sipping tea on my back steps there were
four very different experiences with tea.
Each one touched my soul and delighted my heart.
Eventhough I love sipping many different teas and
in many different cups, 
It is the experience of the tea that most enchants and delights me.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday's Tea Quote

The sun, Lord of the East, grinds the fragrant dust of tea.
Bejeweled nectar on the teeth, revives me.
A pure wind envelopes my body.
The whole world seen in a single cup.
~Kohan, translated by V. Dixon Morris

Yes, this was a single cup of tea while sitting in
reflection along the river just yesterday.
The sun warm on my skin.
The silence and time alone quite beautiful. 
Have a good week, dear friends!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rest and Be Thankful

 Morning shots in my garden.
Did you rise early this morning to watch the Royal Wedding?
Were there scones and tea?
Now time to rest, dear ones!

"Rest and be Thankful"
~William Wordsworth

Have a restful weekend.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Black Magnolia Tea

 Strolling down a country trail on a sultry day in late spring.
Smelling the grass as it bakes in the sun.
 The tea in my cup reminds me of a smooth summer day.
A day to languish by the river,
letting it flow gently down my throat.
 By no means is it bitter.

A light flavor until it hits the back of the throat
and then it sits there, light caramel/fruity, not sweet but romantic.
 Do you ever have this romance with a cup of tea?
Does it tingle in your thoughts like a sultry day in late spring?
 Do you just want to savor the day?
Well Black Magnolia Oolong Tea from The Great Mississippi Tea Co.
is such a tea. I have waited a long time to be able to savor this tea
and savoring it I am doing.
On the package from The Cultured Cup in Dallas, Texas,
it says "This hand-plucked tea is complex with notes of apricot,
honeysuckle & honey." "The best USA grown tea!"
I would agree!
How exciting to finally get my hands and then my taste buds
on this special cup of tea.
Good job to the growers at The Great Mississippi Tea Company.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Better than Strawberries

 A fun photo shoot with strawberries.
Aren't strawberries just gorgeous?
Oh and they can taste sweet and juicy too.
 They remind me of a warm summer day
with the juice running down my arms as I pick them in the field.
That is something I did each year when my children were young.
How I love them on my yogurt with my morning tea.
They are delicious when plain,
but adding a bit of chocolate to dip into,
oh swoon!
Have you noticed that when you slice them you get a bowl of hearts?
When my birthday comes in March I know strawberries
will be showing up in the market from California.
They do delight my soul, but even more is when on Mother's Day
 my grandson told me he liked me better than strawberries.
Now that is saying something because he and I both 
absolutely LOVE strawberries.
 So this is my ode to strawberries
for I love their taste, delight in their red color,
and am enchanted by their beauty.
Sending love to D for I love him more than strawberries too!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday's Tea Quote

No riches I covet, no fame do I want
Ambition means nothing to me
But I beg of kind heaven one favor to grant
For breakfast, a good pot of tea.
~Lu Yu
Lu Yu was the father of tea technology in the 9th century

Sipping my breakfast tea this morning wrapped in a cozy
from marmaladys.com
This cozy will soon be on my website.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Feet Up

For all the women,
may you have a blessed Mother's Day with feet up,
surrounded by those you love,
and JOY in a cup to cheer the day!

The Song of a Lovely Day

Of kitchen curtains blowing; of a bubbling kettle;
Of a yellow cat on a oaken settle;
Of the webs I'm brushing from a corner in the hall;
Of crimson roses climbing up a garden wall;
Of a beater whipping egg-whites to a froth;
Of a table set for tea with a linen cloth;
Of children's lilting laughter; of a broom's soft swish;
Of the first ripe strawberries in a crystal dish;
Of a morning's ironing and its crisp array-
Oh, of all the details of a lovely day,
I will make a song, dear, then when I am through
Will keep it for the singing, come evening, to you.
by Ethel Romig Fuller, Kitchen Sonnets

May it be an extra special day!
Joey soaking up the sun.