Friday, May 31, 2019

Field of Dreams

Field of dreams!
Yes, once upon a time it was,
but now forgotten and full of weeds.
Coming upon this on a recent walk,
tucked in between the trees
I remembered another time.
A time long ago when I was young.
Full of laughter and delight.
A boy played on a field such as that.
I went for the boy.
Oh the form, the toss of the hand,
the fluidness of a body in movement.
And after we would laugh,
eat watermelon under the stars
with juice running down our arms.
Oh for summer nights on those fields
where we danced in the moonlight
and dreamed of dreams to come.

The dreams turned a different direction
much later than those nights at the field.
He went his way
and I went mine.
But for one summer long ago
our stars danced on a field of dreams. 

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Go out and make it a special time!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Flower Filled Day

Have you ever read The Artist Way by Julia Cameron?
It has been quite awhile for me, but on thing that has stuck is having
regular artist dates. 
A time away, alone, to inspire your heart.
So last week I took an artist date and walked through this beautiful garden with my camera.
I hope you enjoy.
Rhododendron and a couple of azaleas too!
 Quote found on a bench along the way:

Nature does not hurry,
yet everything is accomplished.
~Lao Tzu

I even found one hydrangea beginning to bloom.

Even though what I am showing are gorgeous rhodies,
I am glad I went when I did as they were not going to be there much longer in bloom.
I hadn't been here at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens for quite a few years
and thoroughly enjoyed the peacefulness, the quiet, and the beauty.
Take a walk alone and enjoy the inspiration of nature today.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Garden Quotes 2019

Celebrating Memorial Day!
A day to remember.

With slow and reverend tread,
I bring the roses red
To deck the soldier's bed
Emblem of blood they shed,
      For this our native land.
And I, white daisies bring
A simple offering,
Emblems of holy peace.
Oh, may its reign ne'er cease
      In this our happy land...
~William Woodman, "Emblems of Decoration Day," 1892

Friday, May 24, 2019

A Walk on the Wild Side

 Well you didn't think I could walk on the wild side 
without first fortifying with tea?
A very special oolong was shared on the dock
at the Columbia Slough by Whitaker Pond.
It was a 28 year old Buddha Hand Oolong.
 Living in the city you would be surprised to find this amazing
trail about a 5 minute drive from my house.
It is also close to the Portland Intl. Airport.
But here we are!
A plane flies over from time to time, but in between
there is peace.
 I love spotting wildflowers along the trail
and of course trees!
 Glimpses of the pond from time to time appear along the trail.
 At the far end of the pond was a nesting area for turtles.
We didn't see any, but a teacher and her small class told us about
seeing one live one and one dead one. They were very sad about the dead turtle.
 There were plenty of ducks and ducklings in several areas of the pond.
 More blooming plants!
 And canoes too!
 A beaver dam!
There was plenty of trees with signs the beavers had visited,
but I didn't see a beaver.
 The bees were enjoying the wild roses.
And to tell you the truth I loved seeing another glimpse of Camas Lilies
Spring time here in the northwest has been particularly prolific this year.
Many wildflowers and wild things all about.
Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends!
Go out and see what you can see!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tea with Steph

Tea time is definitely in my blood,
tea runs freeing throughout.
But spending time over tea with a dear friend
makes it all the more special.
Last week there was a very special time with my friend, Stephanie,
of Steph's Cup of Tea at Lovejoy's near my house.
Tea was ordered and in my cup was a yummy Darjeeling tea.
Now that would have been enough right there,
but someone stopped by our table and asked if I was Marilyn.
What a surprise to meet Linda, someone I know online in a tea group,
but had never met. Serendipity always makes a day more special.
I always love sitting over tea with Steph. It was a very good visit.
Then having yummy sandwiches, salads, and scones were all amazing too.
This is the first tearoom I have been in that serves cabbage coleslaw and a lettuce salad
with their sandwiches.
We had ham and English mustard, chicken salad with walnuts, Branston Pickle Chutney
 with cheddar cheese,and hummus sandwiches.
A scone with jam and cream, then topped it off with a small lavender shortcake cookie.
Lovejoy's opened in March and seems to be doing very well.
This makes me smile because we haven't had an English style
tearoom inside Portland for a long time.

Do you love to spend time with a special friend?
How do you like spending that time?
As I do, is serendipity a special treat in ones day?

Monday, May 20, 2019

Garden Quotes 2019

Just yesterday I was welcomed to Lucy's garden.
She had said, "come and photograph my garden".
Finally, I was there in this secret space full of delight.
Enjoy! And find a quote or two along the way.
 "The bonsai is not you working on the tree;
you have to have the tree work on you."
~John Naka
There were many bonsai in Lucy's garden.

 There were many varieties of geraniums too.
A sweet rose.

"Is time that involves itself in the moment,
that focuses on the soaring stateliness of trees
and the minute scale of the tiniest blossom.
Garden time requires daily attention
but does not require that everything be done in a day.

Come apart from your busyness
to be renewed and refreshed
in the company of growing things.
It won't take long,
but it will feel like a day in the country."
~Emilie Barnes
Spending time in Lucy's garden felt like time spent in the country,
a respite from the world outside the garden.