Friday, July 29, 2011

Reflections of a Pony

This isn't just any pony.
This is a pony of color.
It has a story to tell.
It has kept secrets as it sits here.
The colors have changed over the years,
but it remains majestic in it's position.

It reminds me of a little song my husband's
aunt use to sing to our young children.
Have you heard it?

"Ride a pony,
ride a pony,
goin' to the mill.
Look out,
your corn is goin' to spill."

This took place on her knees
and never stopped to thrill
my little ones.

My reflection is here with this pony
and in the memories of a time gone by.
Do you remember pony rides at the knee of someone special?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink, pink!

I finally found my pink teacup.
Isn't she sweet?
At least that is what the antique dealer said.
I sort of think so too.
She is a soft pink all over and then
to add pleasure to the soft pink,
there are different shades of pink flowers
and did I almost forget to say even a yellow
flower is displayed there.
Inside the cup is the tiniest gold leaf,
it just shines.

It says Leneiga with a gold crown under it.
Research doesn't indicate it as valuable,
but I think it is pretty and it will sit proudly on my shelf.
It will be pure JOY to drink from, my sweet, pink teacup.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Recently I came across a very simple recipe that was oh so good.
I just fell in love with it and have made several batches.
It came from Smitten Kitchen.
You can't really see it here, it is hiding inside the crepes.
It is ricotta cheese.
My, oh my was it good tucked in the crepes
and fresh Oregon strawberries sitting on top.
What a treat!
I found the ricotta to be good spread on a slice
of French baguette and drizzled with honey or balsamic vinegar too.
Then we also put it on homemade pizza, yummy to that!
It is becoming a regular in my kitchen.

Here is the link to find the recipe and pictures:

Enjoy!  And let me know if you try it and fall in love too.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waters Flowing

Saturday some time was spent walking where the waters flowed.
A gorgeous Silver Falls State Park in Oregon.
The park said it had 10 falls, but we spotted only three.
Can you see this one?

This was the most peaceful one we visited, as fewer guests came here.
Though not dramatic as the others or as high, it was beautiful.
Sitting by the falls we were able to share in a cup of tea.
Opportunities like this need to be included in your plans.
They definitely bring refreshment of spirit and soul.
What plans do you have this summer for refreshing your spirit and soul?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Spirit Whispers

Last week I mentioned opening your eyes to see.
This week I have been focusing on seeing to believe.
BELIEVE is my word for 2011.
Then I received an email that spoke very much about seeing to believe
and I just wanted to share part of it.

"I remember some years ago watching an interview with an
accomplished photographer for National Geographic, who said
that when he is photographing in nature it is sometimes critical to believe
there is something there to be photographed even before you see it with
your eye.  He went on to say that this experience had transformed his hearing
of that often repeated phrase "I'll believe it, when I see it" - he said
that he had come to understand that sometimes you will see it,
only when you believe it possible."  from Zachary Moon.

What can we take from this quote?
Do you believe it is possible before you see it?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Chair Awaiting

A single chair sitting all alone, just waiting.
The picture is not clear,
maybe it is meant to not be clear sometimes.
We sit hear to clear our mind, to sit in revelry.
Many chairs sitting in anticipation of whispers and chats yet to come,
of meals yet to share.
Joined chairs sitting waiting for your love.
What secrets can they tell us?

Again we have time to share in beautiful scenery.


They wait.
They serve a purpose.
They can hold us in their arms.
They listen quietly to our hopes and dreams.
They hear us during times of soul searching.
They give us comfort.
And they welcome us.

I wonder if this is the reason I love to photograph them?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Unique Teapots

Can you spot the teapots in each picture?
The bottom right picture I found to be the most whimsical.
Teapots are utilitarian, but at the same time art.
The artist is Dennis Meiners.
You also see a peak of a painting on the bottom left,
the painting is by his wife, Leslie Lee.
They are both very talented artists.

Oh in the middle of the night I had such clever things to say here.
Now with the morning light my mind has left me.
Just enjoy these gorgeous teapots.
Can you imagine pouring tea from them?
I think I would just want to enjoy their beauty.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hummingbird B&B

Welcome to Hummingbird B and B
It actually is much more than just a B and B.
Located in Southern Oregon, in the countryside outside of Jacksonville.
It is the home of Leslie Lee and Dennis Meiners, two amazing artists.
They built this home from straw-bales and their artist studio from adobe.
Dennis was gracious when we stopped by and gave us a tour of their beautiful home and studio.
It is for sale now and would be the perfect retreat for someone special. 

Tomorrow I will share some of the beautiful teapot pottery created by Dennis.
In the meantime, I was fascinated with the piece of artwork I saw in their bedroom.
At first I saw the back of the child, but on closer look saw the face inside the mother's face.
I wonder what the artist was thinking when he created this piece?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dollhouse Project

 My Dollhouse Project for July.
Each month is a different art form of a house.
This house is a picture of a house we saw in Thailand.
Of course I had to include an elephant and bird here too.
Since I was making one pillow I figured I would make another
for my aunt.  It is a picture of my aunt and uncle when they were young.
Soon it will go in the mail to her.

This is a fun project if you have never done something like this.
You just cut a piece of fabric the size of the
paper that feeds through your printer.  Iron it to the sticky side
of freezer wrap, which is also cut the same size.
Pick a favorite picture and print it to the size you want.
It feeds right through the printer and you have a fun photo on fabric.
Then it could be sewn into a quilt, on a tee shirt, or on a pillow.
Use your imagination.  If you make something with this idea,
let me know what you did.  I would love to see it.

Note:  if you think you will wash it you can set the ink
with a mixture of water and vinegar soaked in a light cloth,
then press over the top of the picture to help set it.
I have done this with other paints, but not computer ink;
so you might have to test it to make sure it works.

Enjoy and have fun, I did.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Spirit Whispers


The door on this church is closed.
Yes, you can see it there.
Your eyes are open to seeing the closed door.
Eyes are like doors.
They open to the soul,
if you allow it.
So today open your soul
to see and notice what is there 
to feed you.
No, not food, but to feed your
spirit and give you delight in the day.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Hydration with Joey

Joey hasn't made an appearance here for awhile.
He is ready for the sun.
His towel is out and some of his summer toys are ready.

He is wearing a sweat band in preparation for the hot days ahead.
He drinks lots of water during these hot days
and wants me to send a message to you.
He says to keep hydrated either with nice cool water or tall
glasses of iced tea and ENJOY the summer.
Have fun and play.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tea by the Sea

It was a windy day.
I searched for the perfect spot to have a cup of tea.
Enjoying the moment was what I was searching for.
It was just around the corner, near the sea.
The wildflowers were blooming.
The book was ready.
I sat by the sea reading and sipping my tea.
Ahhh, such peace and such satisfaction in a day well spent.
Today take a moment to search and find peace.
What tea will you put in your cup?
What book will you be reading?

I was reading Blueberry Summers (Growing up at the Lake)
by Curtiss Anderson
I was sipping a lovely oolong tea.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trust and that Pink Nose

What is it about pink noses that touches my heart?
This sweet cow just looked at me and my heart melted.
Yesterday I read the blog emma tree here.
She was talking about trust.
Her story of living in a small community reminded me of a time
so long ago of another small community in the midwest.
Living in Kansas was like her story.
Often doors were not locked on homes and cars.
I took my gallon jars to the dairy and bought milk
that came directly from the cow to a refrigerated vat.
I turned on the spigot and filled my jars,
left my money in a jar, and wrote in the book how much I took and my name.
I would make our butter from the cream and we drank whole milk
daily.  Oh was it good.
Thank you dear cows for the milk you so generously share with us.
Do you live in a community that still has trust?

Picture taken on a country road somewhere in the south of France.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beauty, What is it?

What is Beauty?

I have been asking myself that question lately as I had put that
statement at the top of this blog.

"Seeking Beauty in Everyday Life"

On Art Wolfe's Travel to the Edge on Sunday he was talking
to a woman about beauty and she said it was fleeting, like a snowflake.

I asked my husband and he said "God speaking to us."

Beauty moves me, but exactly what is it?

To me it is:
Fresh picked fruit
Sunrise and Sunsets
Fluffy clouds
A newborn baby
A child's smile
Kitties pink nose
Dappled sunshine through the trees
Ocean waves
Steam rising from a warm cup of tea
Seeing a persons soul shine through their face

Please tell:  What is Beauty?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Spirit Whispers

For those of you that are new to my blog, today I am resuming
a series called Spirit Whispers.
For me and others I find that we don't take the time to sit quietly
and just listen.  I encourage you each Monday to take that time.
I often run a series for awhile on Monday's and this one sits well with
me for now.  When the time comes for a closure, I usually have a give away.
Today's sharing is the words from a song we sometimes sing at the church that
I attend, but I think the words can touch the heart of you too.
Sit with a cup of tea and a few moments of silence as you read.

Teach Me to Stop and Listen
by Ken Medema

Teach me to stop and listen.
Teach me to center down.
Teach me the use of silence.
Teach me where peace is found.

Teach me to hear your calling.
Teach me to search your word.
Teach me to hear in silence
Things I have never heard.

Teach me to be collected.
Teach me to be in tune.
Teach me to be directed.
Silence will end so soon.

Then when it's time for moving,
Grant it that I may bring
To every day and moment
Peace from a silent spring.

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Child in a Garden

A Child in a Garden
by Ethel Romig Fuller

Once I had just half an hour
To frolic by myself;
Presto! By a lilac bush
I changed into an elf.

I whispered to a ladybird,
"I really am a child!"
But the disbelieving thing
Shrugged its wings and smiled.

A dusty bumblebee and I
Robbed the honey crocks
Of the Canterbury bells
And the hollyhocks.

And beneath a pansy plant-
A place no grown-up knows-
I pirouetted with an ant
On my elfin toes.

Then down the spice-pink bordered path
Mother came for me;
The elf became a little girl
Ready for her tea.

Now wouldn't you just love to be this little girl and
frolic in the garden?

Photos taken at Washington Park Rose Gardens
yesterday morning.  I was trying to find the roses most
closely in color to purples.  A very fascinating search.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tea for Me

Do you ever need a day away, all by yourself?
Yesterday was that day for me; so I ventured out for afternoon tea
at LaTeaDa in Tillamook, Oregon.
They gave me the perfect teacup yellow flowers of course, which started things out just right.
First course was a delicious pineapple passion fruit sorbet.
Do you think I can eat all that?
Oh my goodness, it was almost to beautiful to eat.
Really, I didn't eat dessert first, but doesn't it look yummy?
There was a lemon bar, chocolate cheesecake with a cherry on top,
strawberry rhubarb pudding, and banana cake.
The sandwiches and savories were so good.  I almost had eaten the ribbon
sandwich when I realized I needed to take a picture.
There was a sausage roll that was like a sweet sticky bun and oh so good.
Chicken curry had dried cranberries and hazelnuts on a delicious homemade bun.
Carmelized onions and a light cheese were on a poppy seed bread and rolled in nuts.
Pear and havarti cheese on raisen bread.
And finally a stacked sandwich of egg salad and bacon/lettuce/tomato.
Yes, I ate every bite and everything was delicious.
There were two large scones, a cheese and a cinnamon chip.
I brought those home and will eat them this morning with my tea.
This was the chocolate cheese cake.
Isn't it pretty?  I did bring some of the desserts home too.

While I was sitting with my tea a friend walked in with her granddaughter.
I wish I could show you her granddaughter dressed in her sparkly Dorothy outfit
with red shoes, but I forgot to ask for permission to show her here.
I just loved the presentation of her food too.
She had two peanut butter and jelly stacked sandwiches and a heart cheese sandwich,
then a cupcake with a honey bee on top. 
Double click on the pictures for a closer look. 

The tea was perfect and was definitely a special treat just for me.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 Walking by her just the other day,
I noticed her.
Her dress was a soft purple
with touches of yellow.
Her head was wrapped in a beautiful
scarf of the same color.
Her fragrance touched me
and brought remembrances of long ago.
Gently she stirred my memories
of a sultry day when the sun was shining
and the soft breezes blow.
She wrapped her beauty around my heart
and then I stepped away.
Her name wasn't given to me,
but the colors of her dress and the fragrance
of her scent will remain of a sultry day,
a day of my youth.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Apple Pie

The 4th of July is as American as Apple Pie.
Apple Pie is what I am known for baking.
Growing up around apples it was unheard of not to bake
apple pies.
My aunts each thought they made the best and
I must say they were all good.
So today I am baking apple pie.
I wish you could come and test out the notion
that I make the best apple pie.
Laughing because I have a few cousins that think
they make the best apple pie now.
We won't tell them though, but I make this best apple pie.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

If you have been following me for awhile you might know I love photographing
Adirondack chairs.  I found these chairs sitting in a garden overlooking the sea.
Now you can't see the sea, but just image sitting there celebrating today.
I think there will be a croquet set up nearby or maybe a book to read.
Of course there will be ice cold watermelon and pitchers of cold iced tea.
Then we will wait and watch with anticipation for the darkness to arrive.
There will be little lights shining in celebration in the sky.
Fireflies will be twinkling nearby.
Then suddenly colors will explode overhead
and there will be many Ohhh's and Ahhh's to finish the day.
Happy 4th of July

I thought I would resume Spirit Whispers this week, but for sure it will come
next Monday.  Enjoy your day! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Yellow Teacup

So often I see beautiful teacups on blogs I visit.
They often have pink roses or delicate pink flowers.
I say to myself, oh how I would love a pink teacup.
Then I go browsing in the antique mall always keeping my eye out for
the perfect pink teacup.
I don't often buy teacups because how many do I need.
But I would love a perfect, beautiful pink teacup.

Strange though, when I go looking for that pink teacup,
I find the perfect yellow teacup.
Yes, it does have a few pink flowers on it,
but really I would have to say it is a yellow teacup.
So what is a girl to do?
I give up, I think I have a collection of yellow teacups.
I found this one recently at an antique mall in Sebastopol, California.
They have great antique shops, but just no beautiful, perfect pink teacups.